2020-2021 HTI

Latinas in Leadership

July 27, 2020


HTI is excited to connect with you to participate in the Latinas in Leadership conference.  The following documents will enhance your participation in the conference so we encourage you to review, familiarize, and complete them prior to the conference:

Remember to pick three writings that you most identified with for discussion during our time together: 


LIL Agenda for Conference (download)

Morning Session

11am-1pm 10am-12pm 8am-10am
  • Arrival to Zoom Waiting Room (10:50 am EST)
  • Introductions – Getting to Know You
  • Comm-union/Plenary
  • What’s Next?

Afternoon Session

3pm-5pm 2pm-4pm 12pm-2pm
  • Instructions
  • Using Latina Tools to Build Latinas’ House
  • Comm-union/Plenary
  • Closing: Pa’lante and Prayer

Things to know

    • Prior to attending the conference please familiarize yourself with HTI’s Norms for Civil Engagement for our En Conjunto virtual time
    • You will receive a reimbursement of up to $50 per day for meals during this conference (HTI Expense Guidelines).   Please note that the purchase must be made on the date of the conference and you can use the funds to order take out and/or prepared cold or hot food from a local market.  Detailed receipt is required for the reimbursement form.
    • As video interaction becomes increasingly common in workplace settings, so too is one-way video interviewing part of the hiring process.
    • Zoom Tips
      ▷ Sign in to the Zoom desktop client and stay signed in
      Check your internet speed. If you’re on free wifi you may need to keep your camera off to improve quality.
      Turn your camera on and have your camera at eye level.
      Stay muted unless you’re talking to reduce background noise.
      Try to sit in a well lit and quiet place.
      ▷Try to either have a solid wall behind you or turn on the virtual background.


Recognize any faces? Get to know your fellow LIL participants. The LIL conference is the place to make new connections and strengthen existing ones. 


    We appreciate your feedback. Please complete your evaluations by Friday, July 31. 


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