HTI Latinas in Leadership Program

HTI began the Latinas in Leadership program with a generous grant provided by the Lilly Endowment Inc.

The Latinas in Leadership is by invitation only. Launched in September 2021, with funding from the Lilly Endowment, Inc. LIL will bring bi-vocational, entrepreneurial, and mid-level career Latinas in religion and theological education en conjunto to develop the skills they need to create sustainable practices that will carry and advance them through their careers. By exploring the mind, body, and spirit Latinas in this program will create a balanced and holistic plan for their professional goals and leadership.

The programming will include:

· Creating an individualized Proyecto Vital, an action plan which will help each woman take the next steps in their leadership goals in a sustainable, holistic, and viable way.

· Going through several assessment pieces with Certified Executive Coaches to determine their strengths, stresses, and leadership approaches.

· Participating in 6 to 8 monthly virtual meetings and two in-person meetings where they will hear and engage panelists and speakers on topics covering themes such as Managing Effectively, Building High-Performing Teams, Conflict Resolution, and Dealing with Institutional Change, etc.

· Participating in small groups facilitated by Sages, knowledgeable and skilled Latina leaders, to explore the themes above en conjunto.

· Defining what holistic leadership means to you as you advance your career goals en conjunto with the mission of an organization.

Information on the Upcoming Latinas in Leadership Program

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