HTI Dissertation Series Collection

*Inaugurated in 2002, this collection, housed at Princeton Theological Seminary’s Library, has provided scholars across the nation with access to an array of dissertations written by our gifted HTI scholars, as well as by other scholars who have chosen topics that deal with Latine issues. For patrons off campus, the online catalog can be accessed online (, where the list of dissertations can be searched under the title “HTI” or “HTI dissertation collection.” Interlibrary loans are possible through OCLC at local libraries, and the material is available for a four-week loan period with in-library use only. Following is a list of works available.

Agosto, Efraín  Paul’s Use of Greco-Roman Conventions of Commendation
Alanís, Javier R.  Dignity for the Foreigner: A Study of the Doctrine of the Imago Dei from a Lutheran Hispanic/Latine Perspective
Alcantara, Jared E.  Crossover Preaching: Intercultural- Improvisational Homiletics in Conversation with Gardner C. Taylor 
Alessandri, Mary Ann Flesh and Bone: Unamuno’s ‘Quixotism’ as an Incarnation of Kierkegaard’s ‘Religiousness A’: A Dissertation in Philosophy
Alfaro, Sammy G. Foundations for a Hispanic Pentecostal Christology: A Constructive and Liberative Approach
Alvizo, Xochitl A Feminist Analysis of the Emerging Church: Toward Radical Participation in the Organic, Relational, and Inclusive Body of Christ
Aponte, Edwin David Latine Protestant Identity and Empowerment: Hispanic Religion, Community, Rhetoric, and Action in a Philadelphia Case Study 
Arojna Mejía, Rueben Javier The Minister as Curator of Desire: A Model of Pastoral Accompaniment with Young Mexivan Men 
Barreto, Eric D. Ethnic Negotiations: The Function of Race and Ethnicity in Acts 16
Barton, Paul Thomas In Both Worlds: A History of Hispanic Protestantism in the U.S. Southwest
*Carvalhaes, Cláudio Globalization and the Borders of Liturgical Practices: Redrawing the Lines of Eucharistic Hospitality
Casarez, Tommy A. Towards a Space-Making Ethic: A Theological- Ethical Approach tp the SouthWest Border and the Undocumented Immigrant Problematic in the U.S.
*Chávez Sauceda, Teresa  Community, Mestizaje and Liberation: Envisioning Racial Justice from a Latine Perspective
Conde-Frazier, Elizabeth A. Case Study of Two Hispanic Bible Institutes in Massachusetts: Their Mission, Educational Philosophy and Pedagogy
Cuéllar, Gregory Lee  Voices of Marginality: Exile and Return in Second Isaiah 40-55 and the Mexican Immigrant Experience
Dalton, Frederick John  The Moral Vision of César E. Chávez: An Examination of His Public Life from an Ethical Perspective
Dávila, María Teresa A Liberation Ethic For the One-Third World: The Preferential Option for the Poor And the Challenges to Middle-Class Christianity in the United States
De Luna, Anita  Religiosidad Popular in the Tejano Catechetical Journey
Díaz, Miguel H. A Study in U.S. Hispanic Theological Anthropology, 1972-1999
Díaz-Bolet, Esther L.  A Study of Selected Factors Related Mentoring Women Administrators in Christian Colleges and Universities
Dupertuis, Rubén René  The Summaries in Acts 2, 4 and 5 and Greek Utopian Literary Traditions
*Fernández, Eduardo C. U.S. Hispanic Theology (1968-1993): Context and Praxis
Flores, Daniel Respectable Methodists: Nathan Bangs and the Rise of Respectability in the Methodist Episcopal Church in the Early National Period
Flores, Thomas Vincent  Encountering the Other Through Interfaith Dialogue: A Constructive Look at a Praxis of Religious Identity and the Promotion of Peace
Furst, Renata C. Prophecy as a Narrative World: A Study of the World-Constructing Conventions and Narrative Techniques in Hosea 1-3
García-Alfonso, Cristina Resolviendo: Narratives of Survival in the Hebrew Bible and in Cuba Today
Gomez Morales, Nestor A. “En el Poder del Espiritu”: A Qualitiative Research Study on Social Ethics/Theology among U.S. Latine Pentecostals 
Gómez, Raul R.  Lignum Crucis: The Cross in the Good Friday Celebration of the Hispano-Mozarabic Triduum
Goita- Padilla, Francisco Javier Identity. Langauage, and Theology of the Proclomation for the Gospel 
González, Michelle A.   A Latin American Ressourcement: The Theological Contribution of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz in Light of Hans Urs Von Balthasar’s Methodology
González-Andrieu, Cecilia García Lorca as Theologian: The Method and Practice of Interlacing The Arts and Theology.
González-Tejera, Awilda Intercession in Paul’s Letters in Light of Graeco- Roman Practices of Intercession
Hernandez, Abner F The Doctrine of Prevenient Grace in the Theology of Jacobus Arminus
Hernández, Juan Scribal Habits and Theological Influences in the Apocalypse: The Singular Readings of Sinaiticus, Alexandriunus, and Ephraemi
Hidalgo, Jacqueline M.  California Dreaming: Scriptural Imaginaries and the Power of (no)place from Aztlán to the New Jerusalem
Hinojosa, Felipe Making Noise Among the ‘quiet in the Land’: Mexican American and Puerto Rican Ethno-Religious Identity in the Mennonite Church, 1932-1982
Holguin, Julian Andres Gonzalez Questioning God: A Political Analysis of Genesis 4:1-16 and its Interpretations 
Irizarry-Mercado, José R. Praxis e Identidad: Discourses and Practices of Puerto Rican Religious Education In the Works of Domingo Marrero and Angel M. Mergal, 1935-1965
Lee, Michael Edward Transforming Realities: Christian Discipleship in the Soteriology of Ignacio Ellacuria
Lopez, Moises An Old Testament Theology of Disability 
Lozano-Díaz, Nora O. Confronting Suffering: An Evangélica Theological Approach
Madrazo, Tito Predicadores: An Ethnographic Study of Hispanic Protestant Immigrant Preachers 
Magallenas-Tejeda, Hugo The Preferential Option for the Poor: A Wesleyan Liberation Ethics 
Maldonado-Pérez, Zaida The Subversive Dimensions of the Visions of the Martyrs of the Roman Empire of the Second Through Early Fourth Centuries
Martell, Loida I. Liberating News: An Emerging U.S. Hispanic/Latina Soteriology of the Crossroads
Martínez-Vázquez, Hjamil A. Shifting the Discursive Space: A Postcolonial Approach to U.S. Religious Historiography
Mata, Roberto  Empire and Ekklesia: Mapping the Function of Edkklesia Rhetoric in the Book of Revelation  
Medina, Gilberto J.  The Lukan Writings as Colonial Counter-Discourse: A Postcolonial Reading of Luke’s Ideological Stance of Duplicity, Resistance, and Survival
Medina, Lara  Las Hermanas: Chicana/Latina Religious-Political Activism, 1971-1997
Medina, Nestor “Race,” Culture, And Faith: (Re) Mapping the Development of Mestizaje in Theology
Meńdez Montoya, Angel F. Food Matters: Prolgomena to a Eucharistic Discourse
Munoz-Larrondo, Ruben Living in Two Worlds: A Postcolonial Reading of the Acts of the Apostles
Nieto, Adriana P.  Bolack-Eyed Girls to the MMU(Mujerwes Metodistas Unidas): Race, Religion and Gender in the U.S-Mexico Borderlands
Nira, Oswald John  Mexican-American Lay Leadership in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Austin, 1947-1990
Ortega Aponte, Elias Raised Fists in the Church! Afro-Latine Practice among the Young Lords Party: A Humanistic Spirituality Model for Radical Latino/a Ethics
Owens-Jofre, Jennifer  “She Walks with US: : Our Lady Guadalupe, Mariology, and Ministry 
Padilla, Elaine  A Passionate God: Constructing a Theology of Divine Enjoyment 
Pagan, Jonathan Warren Polity, Piety, and Polemic: Giles Firmin and the Transatlantic Puritan Tradition 
Pantoja, Segundo S. Religion and Parental Involvement in the Education of Hispanics
Perez-Bullard, Altagarcia Equipping the Saints to Serve the City: Using Critical Multicultural Education to Prepare Urban Lay Leaders for Inclusive Ministry, a Case Study Research Project
Pimentel Chacon, Jonathan  Economy of the Flesh: Nature and Economy in David Hume and Adam Smith
Pinon, Santiago Jr.  Francisco Vitoria and his Search for Justice: A Theological and Rhetorical Consideration 
*Rauscher, Pamela The Theological Context and Social Praxis of Christian Women in the United States
Rivera, Mayra The Touch of Transcendence: A Latina Postcolonial Contribution to Philosophical Theology 
Rodríguez Jr., Armando Life From On High: The Eschatology of the Gospel of John in Light of its Vertical Dimension
Rodríguez, Jesús Protecting the Self and Resisting Grandiosae Narcissistic Self-objects: A Mainline Protestant Latine Clergy Self Psychology Hermeneutics of Pastoral Care
Roldan-Figuerora, Rady Casiodro de Reina as Biblical Exeget: Studies on the 1569 Spanish Translation of the Bible 
Rosario Rodríguez, Rubén  No Longer Jew or Greek but Mestizo? The Challenge of Ethnocentrism for Theological Reconstruction
Ruano, Norman Eli  The Holy Ghost Beyond the Church Walls: Latino Pentecostalism(s) Congregations, and Civic Engagement 
Sánchez-Merino, Leopoldo A. Receiver, Bearer, and Giver of God’s Spirit: Jesus’ Life and Mission in the Spirit as a Ground for Understanding Christology, Trinity, and Proclamation
Santiago Vendrell, Angel Daniel Contextual Theology and Revolutionary Transformation: The Missiology of M. Richard Shaull, 1942-2002
Santos Rolon, Carmelo Symptoms of God’s Spirit? A Dialog between Pneumatology and the Cognitive Sciences 
Tirres, Christopher Daniel John Dewey and the Dynamics of Moral Faith: An Assessment and Reconstruction
Valdés, Jorge Luis The First Printed Apocalypse of St. John – The Complutensian Polyglot and Its Influence on Erasmus’ Greek New Testament Text
Valentin, Benjamin  Going Public: Negotiating the Intersections of Hispanic/Latino and United States Public Theology 


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