Annual Brochure

Nurturing and Cultivating Latinxs to Serve in a Changing Academy, Church, World

Hispanic Theological Initiative 2023-2024

Your Hispanic Theological Initiative brochure is published yearly and distributed in July.  It is a comprehensive publication that highlights current HTI Scholars, HTI Alumni, HTI consortium member schools, the latest publications, the HTI En Conjunto model, and so much more. The 2023-2024 brochure is now also available online for your perusal. Enjoy!


At the heart of the Hispanic Theological Initiative’s (HTI) mission is the cultivation of scholars/leaders who have been formed by their community, intellectually advanced in the academy, and prepared via HTI’s programming to serve the larger ecology of theological and religious education.

It is joyful and exciting to discover new ways and opportunities to serve HTI scholars and graduates, and to witness the new vocational paths they are taking, as well as their contributions at developing new curriculum, programming, lectures, monographs, etc. Having to adjust to a new era of hybridity, however, is quite a tall order, especially as technology continues to evolve at such a rapid pace. It is daunting, to say the least—but when I take a breath, this journey is still exhilarating.

This year’s cover of HTI’s annual brochure appropriately features a butterfly—a symbol of hope, metamorphosis, and new beginnings—bridging two hills on which individuals/institutions, at different stages in their journey, support one another towards reaching their goals. Through the commitment of dedicated member schools, funders, mentors, editors, faculty members, and partners, HTI’s en conjunto support has been the bridge that holistically nurtures scholars as they work to finish their doctorate and become contributors to the larger ecology of theological and religious education. The cover represents a powerful beacon of growth and new beginnings, the power of transformation, and the incredible feats HTI scholars must achieve to reach the finish line.

It is with this springtime metaphor of transformation that HTI welcomes the 70 Scholars enrolled for the 2023–2024 academic year…

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