Annual Brochure

Nurturing and Cultivating Latinxs to Serve in a Changing Academy, Church, World

Hispanic Theological Initiative 2020-2021

Your Hispanic Theological Initiative brochure is published yearly and distributed in July.  It is a comprehensive publication that highlights current HTI Scholars, HTI Alumni, HTI consortium member schools, latest publications, the HTI En Conjunto model and so much more. The 2020-2021 brochure is now also available online for your perusal. Enjoy!


Living in a pandemic season has become our new reality. There is no clear way to project when it will end, and what is worse, how many lives will be lost, not only due to COVID-19, but from depression, suicide, famine, and lack of essential resources in general. The world’s current reality is bleak and dire, and it took only a couple of months for the entire planet to be in this precarious situation. This new reality heightened opportunities to show love and compassion to ourselves, neighbors, and the entire world.

The question then is, how do we live into this new normal? For me, the first answer that comes to mind is by serving, by being a beacon of hope for those who are hurting, to find the time and the space to cry with them – family members, friends, students, professors, institutional leaders, all of them my neighbors. Despite all its flaws, Zoom has become this intimate space where we can connect with HTI’s many partners (presidents and deans of member schools, scholars, committee members, etc.). I am grateful for these virtual gatherings filled with hope as I witness how everyone feels compelled to trust that en conjunto new sources of hope and life will emerge…

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