Annual Brochure

Nurturing and Cultivating Latinxs to Serve in a Changing Academy, Church, World

Hispanic Theological Initiative 2022-2023

Your Hispanic Theological Initiative brochure is published yearly and distributed in July.  It is a comprehensive publication that highlights current HTI Scholars, HTI Alumni, HTI consortium member schools, the latest publications, the HTI En Conjunto model, and so much more. The 2022-2023 brochure is now also available online for your perusal. Enjoy!


After almost two and a half decades of doing this vitally important work, what has kept me excited and energized about HTI’s mission? Every email, phone call, or visit I receive from a Scholar who has accomplished a logro. These achievements range from passing comps, getting a proposal approved, defending a dissertation, and earning tenure, to publishing a first book, receiving an award, and becoming a dean or president of an institution. The annual brochure cover shines light on members of the HTI familia—now in its third generation—who are leading institutions in diverse contexts. This is a powerful cohort of individuals who are using their amazing gifts and talents to bring about life-giving transformation to the many lives they serve.

Like HTI’s initial dreamers and visionaries, we stand in awe of God’s faithfulness in our ongoing mission to cultivate Latinx PhDs for leadership positions in the academy, the church, and the world. This faithfulness is manifested in the many kindred spirits of HTI partners. En conjunto, we have brought this mission to life.

The brilliance and commitment of the HTI community was never more present than at HTI’s 25th-anniversary celebration in November of 2021, when more than 400 individuals throughout the United States and the world gathered via Zoom, along with hubs at member schools across the nation. Even the pandemic did not deter us from showing up and celebrating God’s faithfulness to HTI…

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