HTI Enrollment Process

With the establishment of the HTI Consortium, HTI Member Schools determine student’s participation in HTI’s programming. Member Schools are to enroll students accepted into their PhD, ThD, or EdD, program who are: 1) US born Latine/Hispanic students, or 2) born in Spanish-speaking and/or Portuguese-speaking Latin American country or Caribbean Island. Enrollment can begin as early as December and must be completed by April 30th of each year. Selected students will be enrolled online and once the HTI has confirmed their enrollment, the HTI staff will contact the HTI Scholar to complete the registration form. Institutions must re-enroll HTI Scholars annually.

What if I am applying and/or accepted at a non-consortium school?

Since HTI is an open consortium, you should express your interest in becoming an HTI scholar to your non-member institution’s doctoral program director or dean, so that they can explore the possibility of the school’s membership in the consortium.

Here is information about the HTI Consortium!

As an HTI Scholar, students in their First, Second, and Comprehensive Exam year receive the following benefits:

  • Participation in the annual Professional Development Conference, which offers hands-on seminars led by highly-experienced leaders focused on specific levels of study, including writing, pedagogy seminars, and career orientation sessions, among others.
  •  Assignment of a senior scholar as a mentor (for a period of up to three years) to aid the scholar in navigating the doctoral program, helping to expand the student’s networking capacity, and collaborating with the student’s advisor and faculty at her/his institution.
  •  Networking funds to gain access to other Latine scholarly resources, allowing for opportunities to meet and work with future colleagues at national meetings, as well as providing support for the eventual publishing of the scholar’s work.
  • Participation in Wabash/HTI pedagogy workshops while writing their dissertations.

Additionally, HTI Scholars that are All But Dissertation (ABD) receive these benefits and opportunities:

  • Assignment of an editor to provide dissertation editorial assistance while writing their dissertation.
  • Participation in Summer Writer’s Weekend and Winter Writer’s Week to aid the scholar in writing their dissertation.
  • Participation in Wabash/HTI pedagogy Weekend Workshop which offers seminars led by highly-experienced leaders focused on specific pedagogical issues.
  • Compete for the $22,500 HTI/Lilly Dissertation Fellowship.