En Conjunto Association

The HTI En Conjunto Association aims to build relationships strengthening a support network for Latine scholars in religion and theology.

The Legacy of En Conjunto leadership beckons HTI graduates and friends to advance its mission by creating the HTI En Conjunto Association. This association will be intentional about uniting HTI graduates and its many co-leaders across the globe to improve the sharing of information, resources, and advancing HTI’s mission and program.

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The HTI En Conjunto Association believes that to advance HTI’s mission it must be inclusive and collaborative in its membership. The HTI En Conjunto Association membership is open to HTI graduates and professors within the HTI member institutions, non-member schools, and affiliated organizations.

Your membership gives you the opportunity to help shape the next generation of leaders in theology and religion, and provides you with these additional benefits:

  • Discounts at future HTI events
  • Promoting you as an HTI scholar on HTI’s social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram) as well as highlighting your accomplishments (Books, Lectures, Seminars)
  • Yearly promotion as an alumni in HTI’s Annual Brochure
  • Promoting your profile and CV on HTI’s website
  • Opportunities to serve in a variety of HTI projects

HTI En Conjunto Association Board Members:

Chair: Dr. Melissa Pagan 
Vice-Chair: Dr. Yara González-Justiniano
Past-Chair & Secretary: Dr. Xochitl Alvizo
Treasurer: Dr. Elaine Penagos

NE Regional Liaison:  Dr. Luis Menendez-Autuña
NE Regional Liaison: Dr. Carla Elena Roland Guzman
NW Regional Liaison:  Dr. Yohana Junker
PSW Regional Liaison:  Dr. Victor Carmona


Dia del Amor y la Amistad

HTI friends and ECA members share their stories of lifelong friendships and connections which sprouted through HTI.

Your En Conjunto Association en Acción

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