Welcome HTI Scholars to HTI’s ecumenical and ethnically diverse group of scholars, editors, and academic administrators, who, with their varied backgrounds and interests, are committed to your success. The HTI En Conjunto Model provides you with a comprehensive and holistic approach to navigating your PhD studies, while also preparing you to launch into a successful and edifying leadership role in the academy, the church, and society in general.

Interested in becoming an HTI Scholar?


HTI Mentoring Component

All HTI Scholars in their First, Second, and Comprehensive Exam Years are assigned a senior scholar as a mentor (for a period of up to three years) to aid you in navigating your doctoral program, expand your networking capacity, and graduate within an average time of five years.  You and your assigned mentor will attend the HTI Mentoring Training during the HTI Summer Workshop to understand HTI’s En Conjunto Mentoring model.  Each year, your assigned mentor will visit you at your institution and meet with your advisor and/or faculty to work collaboratively at being responsive to your particular needs and interests.  At the end of your visit, both you and your mentor will submit a mentor visitation form.  Additionally, you will have monthly check-ins with your mentor and in November and February you will be asked to submit progress reports.  At the end of the academic year, HTI will request a confidential mentor evaluation form and your unofficial transcripts for the academic year.   These gatherings, visits, and reports are all ways in which your institution and HTI support your PhD studies to ensure that your journey is enriching and edifying.  We are delighted to count you as an HTI Scholar.

Mentee’s Requirements

  • Sign the HTI Mentoring Agreement Form
  • Meet your assigned Mentor once during the academic year
  • Introduce Mentor to Advisor, dean/director of PhD studies, and/or key faculty at school
  • Submit to HTI a Mentee’s Visitation Report within two weeks after the mentor’s visit
  • Complete the HTI Confidential Mentor Evaluation Form in April
  • Inform HTI of any concerns early on in the process
  • Work towards a teaching experience and the publication of an article
  • For Comprehensive Exams-year HTI Scholar, make progress with exams
  • Submit HTI Biannual Report in November and February
  • Submit to HTI unofficial transcripts at the end of the academic year





HTI Editorial Component

Congratulations HTI Scholar!  You are now All But Dissertation (ABD) and will be assigned an HTI editor.  In addition to the support of an editor, you will attend two Writer’s Weeks (Summer and Winter) where you will gather with colleagues and your assigned editor to continue working on the stylistic and syntactic development of your dissertation. Your assigned editor will work with you throughout the academic year.  Additionally, you will be eligible to apply for a $22,500 HTI/Lilly Dissertation Year Fellowship.

As a Dissertation HTI Scholar, you commit to:

  • Working full-time on your dissertation, while adhering to the stipulated timeline outlined in the Editorial Agreement with your editor.
  • Submitting a Monthly Dissertation Report due the 25th of each month.
  • Maintaining regular communication with your editor to ensure momentum towards completing your dissertation.
  • Providing HTI and your editor with any changes in contact information.
  • Attending both Summer and Winter Writer’s Weeks.





HTI Networking Component

Congratulations HTI Scholar, you now have funds available for networking opportunities!  During the COVID19 crisis, dissertation scholars have up to $1,000 available, and pre-dissertation scholars have up to $750. These funds can be used to help you establish contacts outside of your particular academic, denominational, and research circles.  To request the use of these funds you must fill out a Networking Funds Request Form at least a month prior to the date of the event.  HTI Assistant Director, Angela Schoepf, will review, and approve your request.  Once approved you can begin to expend the funds, and before doing so please familiarize yourself with HTI Expense Guidelines to secure a total reimbursement of your request. Once you have incurred all of the expenses, email to the T-5 Reimbursement with electronic receipts within two weeks of the event. To make sure your request is not delayed, please submit all the documents as a single pdf file making sure that the name of the file is your last name, first name, and date of the request.


Networking funds can be used for:

  • Attendance to academic functions, such as the annual meetings of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature, including membership and registration.
  • Editorial assistance for a paper and/or lecture, maximum distribution is $200.
  • Attendance to any event or activity that will help you advance your doctoral studies.
  • During the COVID19 crisis, HTI has allowed the use of networking funds for books, an online class, conferences, memberships to organizations, and technology equipment that will support your studies.

Funds cannot be used for:

  • Personal phone calls or any calls not related to HTI business
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gasoline (Mileage will be reimbursed at the standard mileage rate established by the Internal Revenue Service)
  • Supplies

If you require clarification regarding the usage of networking please contact us.
Request for the usage of networking funds must be made no later than April 15th. Reimbursements will not be processed after May 15th.


    HTI Expense Guidelines

    Expense Guidelines Summary

    This is a quick expense reference, for a detailed report please view/print the HTI Expense Guidelines.

    Reimbursement requests must be submitted, without exception, on an Expense Statement (T-5 Reimbursement Form), to the Assistant Director, Angela Schoepfwithin 15 days from the last date expenses were incurred for the specific meeting or event. HTI will not process requests not submitted in a timely manner.

    Original itemized receipts must be submitted to support all expenses other than tips and personal auto mileage. No expenses will be reimbursed unless they are properly documented.

    The mailing address noted on the form must be your home address, not that of your school/institution.


    • For HTI sponsored events, our commitment is to reimburse you for transportation costs to/from the event, with your point of origin being your place of residence.

    Air Travel

    • All reservations should be secured at least one month prior to the trip, via our travel agent, Graycar Travel. Please contact Sue Flaherty at 609-587-0306 or 1-800-755-5514, providing her with your preferred travel dates/times. She will forward to us an itinerary that we will authorize, usually within 24 hours of receiving the itinerary, for purchase with our credit card. Fares over $500 will receive special attention, and may require more time to authorize.
    • HTI will only cover luggage fees if there are no free carry-on options.

    Surface Transportation

    • Hotel courtesy cars and airport public transportation to central cities should be used, if they are available.
    • When expenses for car mileage are submitted, these must be accompanied by a Mapquest search.
    • Travel by private automobile will be reimbursed at the IRS per-mile rate (currently at $0.54 US per mile).


    • The maximum rate HTI will cover is $150, including taxes.
    • HTI will not cover alcohol, snacks, health clubs, mini-bars, room service (unless it is needed due to illness or late arrival at the destination), telephone use, or in-room movies.


    • The amount allowed is $50 per day, to cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    • HTI will not reimburse for alcohol, coffee, bottled water, or for snacks (unless they are in lieu of a meal.)
    • The original itemized receipt is required in addition to the credit card slip.
    • When meal expenses include charges for individuals other than the traveler, the receipt must state the name(s) and the business purpose.
    • HTI will only cover meal expenses at the airport or at a hotel if your arrival or departure times are delayed.
    • Meals will not be reimbursed when meal service, including Continental breakfast, is provided as part of the meeting agenda.


    • Meals: 15% of the total bill. Additional tips will not be covered for hotel meals where an 18% gratuity is automatically added to the check.
    • Cabs: 10% of the fare total.
    • Bellhop: One dollar per piece of luggage.
    • Housekeeper: One dollar per day for each person in the room.

    Effective date: January 1, 2016 until further notice