HTI Editors, thank you for answering the call and for your willingness to support HTI Dissertation Scholars through the final stage of their doctorate.  Your service and commitment is what makes the HTI En Conjunto model a best practice program at graduating Latinx PhD students and helping them thrive in their respective leadership positions.

HTI Editorial Component

HTI Editors are assigned to HTI Dissertation Scholars who have passed their comprehensive exams, have an approved proposal/prospectus, and are writing their dissertations.  Individuals selected as editors have over seven years of work experience for publishing houses and have an excellent track record at helping students complete their dissertations and graduate.  HTI Editors are assigned soon after HTI Dissertation Scholars are enrolled by their institution.  Immediately following their enrollment, HTI introduces the HTI Editor to the HTI Dissertation Scholar and they are required to complete an Editorial Agreement Form and commit to a writing timeline. HTI Dissertation Scholars are required to submit a Monthly Dissertation Report and to keep the HTI Editor and HTI Executive Director informed of any setback in their writing progress. The HTI Editor commits to the following:
  • Editing the student’s work and returning it within two weeks of submission. If there is going to be a delay, immediately informing both HTI Executive Director and the student.
  • Writing to HTI when they have completed the editing of two chapters of a student’s dissertation, to have the honorarium payment processed.
  • Carefully evaluating chapters submitted and sharing your rewrites to illustrate to the student the areas of weakness and what improvement needs to be made.  When students re-submit their revised material, verifying if the student has incorporated the new writing techniques in their revisions.
  • Providing the student with editor’s contact information and checking in with the student if they are not being proactive in completing their monthly report and making progress towards their writing timeline.
  • Submit a W-9 form yearly for honoraria disbursements.

HTI Expense Guidelines

Expense Guidelines Summary This is a quick expense reference, for a detailed report please view/print the HTI Expense Guidelines Form. Reimbursement requests must be submitted, without exception, on an Expense Statement (T-5 Reimbursement Form), to the Assistant Director, Angela Schoepf, within 15 days from the last date expenses were incurred for the specific meeting or event. HTI will not process requests not submitted in a timely manner. Original itemized receipts must be submitted to support all expenses other than tips and personal auto mileage. No expenses will be reimbursed unless they are properly documented. The mailing address noted on the form must be your home address, not that of your school/institution.
  • For HTI sponsored events, our commitment is to reimburse you for transportation costs to/from the event, with your point of origin being your place of residence.
Air Travel
  • All reservations should be secured at least one month prior to the trip, via our travel agent, Graycar Travel. Please contact Sue Flaherty at 609-587-0306 or 1-800-755-5514, providing her with your preferred travel dates/times. She will forward to us an itinerary that we will authorize, usually within 24 hours of receiving the itinerary, for purchase with our credit card. Fares over $500 will receive special attention, and may require more time to authorize.
  • HTI will only cover luggage fees if there are no free carry-on options.
Surface Transportation
  • Hotel courtesy cars and airport public transportation to central cities should be used, if they are available.
  • When expenses for car mileage are submitted, these must be accompanied by a Mapquest search.
  • Travel by private automobile will be reimbursed at the IRS per-mile rate (currently at $0.54 US per mile).
  • The maximum rate HTI will cover is $150, including taxes.
  • HTI will not cover alcohol, snacks, health clubs, mini-bars, room service (unless it is needed due to illness or late arrival at the destination), telephone use, or in-room movies.
  • The amount allowed is $50 per day, to cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • HTI will not reimburse for alcohol, coffee, bottled water, or for snacks (unless they are in lieu of a meal.)
  • The original itemized receipt is required in addition to the credit card slip.
  • When meal expenses include charges for individuals other than the traveler, the receipt must state the name(s) and the business purpose.
  • HTI will only cover meal expenses at the airport or at a hotel if your arrival or departure times are delayed.
  • Meals will not be reimbursed when meal service, including Continental breakfast, is provided as part of the meeting agenda.
  • Meals: 15% of the total bill. Additional tips will not be covered for hotel meals where an 18% gratuity is automatically added to the check.
  • Cabs: 10% of the fare total.
  • Bellhop: One dollar per piece of luggage.
  • Housekeeper: One dollar per day for each person in the room.
Effective date: January 1, 2016 until further notice Forms: