Dia del Amor y la Amistad

HTI En Conjunto Association builds relationships strengthening a support network for Latinx scholars in religion and theology. ECA celebrates el Dia del Amor y la Amistad to highlight the value of these friendships.

Our Stories

HTI friends and ECA members share their stories of lifelong friendships and connections which sprouted through HTI.

Miguel de la Torre & Edwin Aponte

“Almost thirty years later, with more snow on the roof, we continue to be each other confidantes. I am a better scholar because of him and his insights.”

Dr. Edwin Aponte

Yolanda Santiago Corre & Alexandra Rosado-Romàn

“In a time and a field that is so hard and that encourages us to compete against each other, our friendship is a way for us to emphasize that we are stronger together.”

-Yolanda Santiago Correa

Manuel, Julian, Xochitl & Luis

“The temporary home that friends in strange places occupy together needs to be remade again and again.”

-Dr. Manuela Ceballos

Neomi & Jacqueline

“We have seen each other through the highs of jobs and tenure and the lows of doctoral anomie and health crises. In good times and in bad, we were never truly alone.”

-Drs. Neomi DeAnda & Jacqueline Hidalgo

Tony & Maziel

“These are the relationships that make our work possible and allow us to pursue our work in a spirit of solidarity and kinship.”

-Drs. Tony Alonso & Maziel Barreto Dani 

Néstor & Orlando

“I am quite lucky that my relationship with my HTI mentor developed into a friendship. I am honored to call Orlando a friend.”

-Dr. Néstor Medina