Dia del Amor y la Amistad

HTI En Conjunto Association builds relationships strengthening a support network for Latine scholars in religion and theology. ECA celebrates el Dia del Amor y la Amistad to highlight the value of these friendships.

Dr. Néstor Medina

Knowing that Orlando Espín was just one phone call or one email away helped me feel confident as I completed my PhD. Being the only Latino in Canada doing a Ph.D. in theology was a solitary experience; Orlando’s mentorship enriched my journey and made the road ahead less lonely. Friendship does not adequately explain the connection, commitment, and support I have received from Orlando over the years before and since I completed my studies. He went above and beyond! At key points in my journey, he has been instrumental and for that I am grateful to HTI. I am quite lucky that my relationship with my HTI mentor developed into a friendship. I am honored to call Orlando a friend. Thanks, HTI.



Dr. Orlando Espín

After Néstor become an HTI awardee, we continued to work together, and I was appointed as his mentor. I became part of his doctoral dissertation committee at the University of Toronto’s School of Theology. I was able to assist in his research, and after his successful defense I have followed his development as a respected, committed, and insightful theologian. Over many years, we have continued to collaborate, support, and engage each other’s work. Both our families have met, in Toronto and San Diego, as we continue to grow together as theologians and friends. One of the greatest gifts HTI has given me over the years is Néstor Medina.