Latinas in Leadership Testimonials

“Joanne and companions. I am deeply grateful for this initiative. It has been a source of support in difficult moments, as well as a space where I increased my self-confidence with knowledge but also through this ‘Comunidad de mujeres’. The professional knowledge exhibited, the life stories exchanged, the tears wiped, the hopes believed, the laughter shared and much, much more, made this a space like no other; a space where women who love the Sacred text became a sisterhood, a part of my life-story to live, and a story to tell as they brought me closer to the kingdom of peace with justice. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enrich my storied Gospel (mi evangelio historizado) with friendship.”

Dr. Doris Garcia-Rivera

Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America

“This was a crucial meeting for me, and I believe others in the group. We need to continue to meet and be present with and for each other. Statistics and life stories of Latinas in leadership both within and outside of higher education in the United States show how precarious our standing and situation is; it has been for very long. This meeting, and its continuation, can help us come together, know each other, and work together in strengthening our individual and communal subjects and lives.”

Dr. María M. Carrion

Emory University