HTI Norms for Civil Engagement


Honor by...

  • Respecting the knowledge that others share while offering input, critique, and correction respectfully in our teaching/learning spaces, in person, and online.
  • Nurturing each other with kindness, noting our mutual vulnerability.
  • Maintaining appropriate expectations of confidentiality, in our shared spaces, online, in our written and oral expressions. 


Trust by...

  • Promoting safe and brave space for each other in person and online, yet having the courage to hear difficult things.
  • Listening with compassion, allowing others to complete their thoughts before assessing.
  • Avoiding stereotypes, generalizations, and shaming.


Inquire by...

  • Arguing ideas and refraining from attacking the person in our company or online.
  • Maintaining an open mind with the goal of dialogue and a willingness to play.
  • Presenting ourselves with authenticity, even when our perspective is in the minority.


Collaborate by...

  • Acknowledging that we are shaped “en conjunto” by culture, family, tradition, and experience.
  • Making a commitment to support our opinions with evidence as much as possible.
  • Viewing others with grace, recognizing our diverse religious and political (non)beliefs.