Natalie Readnour 

Credentials: BA, Austin College / MDiv, Boston University School of Theology / PhD, Southern Methodist University (present) 

Denomination: Unaffiliated

Specific Field: Religion and Culture


Natalie was born in Richardson, Texas. Natalie grew up with a single mom, as her father was deported when she was a child. Growing up in Texas, issues of migration and identity were always central to Natalie’s lifeAcademically, Natalie combines these concerns with an interest in complexifying ideas of motherhood, especially among Latina women. Natalie hopes to focus on what factors impact the epistemological legitimacy of Mexican mothers in Texas as they attempt to pass on their religious and cultural knowledge to their children. She is also interested in adjacent issues of identity, borders, and migration. She hopes her research can contribute to a fuller discussion of Mexican identity and motherhood in the study of religion and theology.