Oblate School of Theology

“Dedicated to the teaching of spirituality, diversity and ministry.”
Description of PhD Program

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Spirituality degree is an Oblate initiative in response to an expressed interest and hunger for graduate formation in Spirituality. More and more people are interested in Spirituality and are seeking advanced academic training in the area. Few existing doctoral-level programs in Spirituality focus specifically on the long, deep, and rich history of the Judeo-Christian traditions in prayer, mysticism, and spiritual guidance. This program serves the church and society in an important way by providing doctoral-level scholars in the areas of prayer, mysticism, spiritual discernment, and spiritual guidance.  The goal is to immerse each student in the history and tradition of classical Christian Spirituality so as to give him or her the tools to assess religious experience, critically evaluate contemporary movements within Spirituality, help mentor others spiritually, do scholarly research and publishing in the area of spirituality, and develop a vocabulary to articulate both the human spirit and divine revelation more effectively.

The Doctoral Program in Spirituality produces scholars with comprehensive knowledge of the overall discipline as well as a specialization in at least one particular area of Christian Spirituality. The specific approach is academic and theological from the Roman Catholic tradition, with openness to ecumenical and interreligious perspectives.

The goal is to immerse each student in the history and tradition of classical Christian Spirituality so as to give him or her the tools to assess religious experience, critically evaluate contemporary movements within Spirituality, help mentor others spiritually, do scholarly research and publishing in the area of spirituality, and develop a vocabulary to articulate both the human spirit and divine revelation more effectively.

Tuition and Housing Costs

Credit: Doctoral $ 860 Per Cr. Hr

Audit (non-credit): Doctoral $430 Per. Cr. Hr.

*Graduate Course Challenge Fee 20% of applicable tuition rate per credit hour


Application $ 70

Registration Fee $ 60 Per Semester

Comprehensive Fee per session $ 165 Per Semester

 (includes Activity, Library and Tech Fee)

PhD Comprehensive Exam Fee $ 2,580

Doctoral Practicum Fee $ 285

Doctoral Continuation Status Fee $ 290 Per Semester

Doctoral Extended Status $ 465 Per Semester

Late Payment Fee per month on balance 1.5%

Doctoral Graduation Fee $1,085


Tuition Assistance

Oblate School of Theology serves students who are primarily interested in ministry. Therefore, Oblate School endeavors to control costs as much as possible as well as support a strong educational program. Generous support by the Missionary Oblates of the United States enables OST to maintain lower tuition rates. OST offers Tuition Assistance each semester for those students that demonstrate a financial need and qualify by being enrolled at least half time in a degree program. The student is required to complete an application provided in the Finance office, and submit the application before Add/Drop date each semester. The student must attach a recent Form 1040 tax filing with the application, and show an above average GPA to be considered by the Tuition Assistance Review Committee. The Committee will only consider assistance for up to one-third of the tuition. Each student that is awarded Tuition Assistance will be contacted by mail. Tuition Assistance must be applied directly to the student account for the current semester, money does not change hands.

OST offers very limited financial assistance through the School’s own resources. Institutional financial assistance must be re-applied for each semester.

Hispanic/Latine Faculty

Dr. Renata Furst
Associate Dean for Hispanic Engagement, Montalbano Chair in Scripture

Dr. Rodolfo Felíces Luna
Assistant Professor of Sacred Scripture, Director Adjunto del MAMP (bilingüe)


Hispanic Centers and Programs

Programas En Español

A partir del Segundo Concilio Vaticano, la iglesia católica ha motivado a la gente laica para que tomen un papel más activo en difusión de la Buena Nueva. Respondiendo a este llamado, Oblate School of Theology (OST) ofrece y te invita a explorar una variedad de programas en español. Estos han sido diseñados para preparar a toda persona para el ministerio con cualquier nivel de educación. OST ofrece el Instituto de Formación Pastoral, un programa básico de educación y formación en la fe, bilingüe, diseñado para educar adultos hombres y mujeres a servir en el ministerio parroquial. En el Certificado en Sagrada Escritura, aprenderás a leer la biblia en la tradición católica, estudiar los salmos, y explorar las escrituras de San Juan. El programa Espiritualidad y Dirección Espiritual, forma a personas para que guíen a otros en su trayectoria espiritual y así tener una relación más profunda con Dios. La Maestría de Artes en Ministerio Pastoral es un programa de Maestría el cual proporciona las bases para quienes sirven como asociados pastorales, directores de educación religiosa, coordinadores de liturgia, y ministros especializados en cuidado pastoral de los enfermos, jóvenes, ancianos, y otras personas necesitadas.

Hispanic Summer Program

Oblate School of Theology is a sponsor of the Hispanic Summer Program, serving those who are committed to Hispanic ministry. During a two-week period every summer, at a different site in the United States or Puerto Rico, bilingual students learn theology from the perspective of the Hispanic/Latino community.

Library Resources-Special Collections

The Donald E. O’Shaughnessy Library (DEOL) is a resource center that acquires materials in those areas which relate to the curriculum and programs of Oblate School of Theology (OST), as well as materials designed for scholarly research in theological subject fields, and organizes those materials for efficient intellectual and physical retrieval.

Through the provision of its collection development and database subscriptions, DEOL provides for the informational needs of the students, faculty, administration, and staff of the School in matters relating to the performance of their functions at OST.

To assist those it serves in obtaining access to informational resources which are not a part of its collection, the Library participates in resource- sharing activities in both a local and a national level, including the utilization of computerized bibliographic services.

The Donald E. O’Shaughnessy Library holds approximately 85,000 plus volumes in its 17,000 square-foot facility, which consists of three floors in its west wing and three floors in its north wing.

The north wing consists of the main entrance, the circulation desk, a patron-resource center, and reading area. The second and third floors house the circulating collection. Study areas throughout the library are also available.

The west wing of the library houses the Periodical Reading Room that displays about 400 scholarly and popular journals and periodicals. This floor also holds special collections that feature items such as thesis/ dissertations of our faculty and alumnae, the Loeb Classic Library, Penguin Classics, and other artifact- specific collections.

This wing also holds the reference room that is rich in research materials geared and maintained for the theology student and research scholar. The area holds biblical commentaries, dictionaries, and concordances. The Fathers’ Room houses collections specific to the writings of the Fathers of the Church, like the Latin and Greek Migne Collections, and the Sources Chretiennes. The Basement in this wing houses religion/theology bound journals like Acta Apostolicae Sedis, American Catholic Studies Journal, Aztaln: Journal of Chicano Studies, Biblical Interpretation to mention a few.

Aside from the main library building, the DEOL houses other libraries on the campus of Oblate School of Theology. These libraries include the Archives Library, Special and Rare Book Library, and an Offsite Library.

The Lebh Shomea Project entails incorporating the library holdings at the Oblate Lebh Shomea House of Prayer in Sarita, Texas into the DEOL catalog.

The DEOL doors are open to the local community as well as researchers. These patron groups may apply for library privileges.

HTI Scholars

Raquel Feagins

Nathan Aaron Garcia

Julieta Sánchez

Contact Information

The HTI person to contact for information on Ph.D. studies at Oblate School of Theology is:

Name:     Fr. John J. Markey, O.P.
Title:        Director of PhD in Spirituality Program
Phone:    (210) 341-1366 x288
Email:      jmarkey@ost.edu 

Person in Charge of Enrollment:

Name:    Ms. Brenda Reyna
Title:       Associate Director of Admissions/Registrar
Phone:   (210) 341-1366 x212
Email:    registrar@ost.edu