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“Rooted in the Methodist tradition of innovative and bold interpretations of Christian theology and spiritual practices, the Drew University Theological School empowers creative thought and courageous action to advance justice, peace and love of God neighbor and the earth.”
Description of PhD Program


The Graduate Division of Religion at Drew Theological School is distinctively marked by a robust geographic and ethnic diversity as well as an uncommon gender balance. The result is an international community of scholars and students in which diverse perspectives are welcomed and placed in lively conversation toward a transformative scholarship uniquely engaged with the global contexts of contemporary religious faith and practices. The following areas of specialization are currently offered int he PhD: Bible and Cultures, Theological and Philosophical Studies, and Religions and Society.

During coursework, Ph.D. students may elect to complete a transdisciplinary concentration in one of the following areas:


  • Africana and African American Religions and Culture: Study the histories, cultures, religions, philosophies, aspirations, and achievements of African Americans and peoples of African descent in regions of the world that share a history of specific kinds of colonialism.
  • Religion and Ecology: Study the historical, philosophical, socio-political, and theological influences that have shaped the current planetary context and the array of contemporary global religious ecological voices and emerging eco-theologies.
  • Women’s and Gender Studies: Examine the diversity of women’s experiences as they are informed by gender, class, race/ethnicity, sexuality, age, ability, social location, and cultural and national identity. Engage theoretical and methodological insights of feminist thought and gender and queer scholarship.
  • Wesleyan/Methodist Studies: Study U.S. and global Wesleyan/Methodist history, theology, practices, and organization.
Tuition & Housing Costs

PhD Tuition: $30,060
Room and Board: $15,976


Students admitted into the Ph.D. in the Graduate Division of Religion receive a full tuition scholarship.

Tuition Assistance

Financial Aid-Fellowships

  • Andrew H. Phelps and Emily Brown Phelps Fellowship. These fellowships are awarded to entering PhD students for their first year in the program. Recipients of the fellowships are nominated by the area faculty and approved by the Dean of the Theological School.
  • Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in New Jersey Award (AICUNJ). This award provides a 50 percent scholarship to all full-time employees of the member institutions of this state-wide association of colleges. Interested applicants should contact the Office of Graduate Admissions for the required certification form.
  • Constructive Theology Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to an entering PhD student in the Theological and Philosophical Studies in Religion area for his or her first year in the program. The recipient of the scholarship is nominated by the area faculty and approved by the Dean of the Theological School.
  • Myungsung Scholarships. These scholarships are awarded to entering international PhD students for their first year in the program. Recipients of the scholarships are nominated by the area faculty and approved by the Dean of the Theological School.
  • Teaching Assistantships. The Theological School appoints paid Teaching Assistants each semester from among the PhD student body to assist professors in the delivery of required MDiv courses. Paid research assistants are also appointed to assist faculty engaged in research projects and to serve as scholar apprentices.
Hispanic/Latina/o Faculty


Elias Ortega-Aponte
Associate Professor of Afro-Latina/o Religions and Cultural Studies

Javier A. Viera
Dean of Theological School and Professor of Pastoral Theology



Library Resources-Special Collections

Electronic Resources at Drew University Library includes access to the Oxford Encyclopedia of Latinos and Latinas in the United States, the Oxford Encyclopedia of MesoAmerican Cultures and a variety of Caribbean-American Studies papers under Ethnic NewsWatch.

Other Resources
  • SOMOS/The Hispanic Caucus is a gathering of students and faculty from both the Theological and Graduate schools and is instrumental in recruiting and supporting the growing number of Hispanic students. Special chapel services, festive meals, and lectures are among its activities.
HTI Scholars

Daniel F. Flores
Public Service Librarian, Judith J. Carrier Library
Tarrant Clounty College

Alberto Hernández
Associate Professor of the History of Christianity
Illif School of Theology

Nora Lozano-Díaz
Associate Professor of Theological Studies
Co-Director of the Latina Leadership Institute
Baptist University of the Americas

Hugo Magallanes
Associate Professor of Christianity and Culture
Perkins School of Theology

Peter Anthony Mena
Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies
University of San Diego

Matilde Kathleen Moros
Assistant Professor Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies
Virginia Commonwealth University

Elaine Padilla
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion and Latinx/Latin American Studies
The University of La Verne

Erica Ramirez (ABD)
Richard B Parker Assistant Professor of Wesleyan Thought
Portland Seminary of George Fox University

Ricardo Ramos-Díaz
Pastor, United Methodist Church of Linden

Mayra Rivera Rivera
Associate Professor of Theology and Latina/o Studies
Harvard Divinity School

Louis Benjamin Rolsky
Independent Scholar

Benjamín Valentín
Assistant Professor of Latina/o Christianity
Yale Divinity School
2002 Book Prize Winner


Contact Information


The HTI people to contact for information on PhD studies at Drew University are:

Name:     Dr. Elias Ortega-Aponte
Title:        Assistant Professor of Afro-Latina/o Religions and Cultural Studies
Phone:    973-408-3305
Email:      eortega@drew.edu

Name:     Dr. Meredith E. Hoxie Schol
Title:       Director of Doctoral Studies
Phone:     (973) 408-3452
Email:      mhoxieschol@drew.edu

The person in Charge of Enrollment is:

Name: Rev. Kevin Miller
Title: Director of Theological Admissions
Phone: (973) 408-3111
Email: kmiller@drew.edu