2019 HTI Professional Development Conference

By invitation only

June 24 – 27, 2019
Princeton, NJ 

The Hispanic Theological Initiative Welcomes you to the 2019 Professional Development Conference.

Registration is Open!

We are delighted that you will be joining us for the 2019 HTI Professional Development Conference.  Before beginning your registration, please review arrival dates depending on your group:

  • Scholars in Dissertation Writing Stage need to arrive Thursday, June 19 to begin writing and meeting with Editor on June 20th at 9:00 am.
  • New mentors and new scholars begin the PDC on Monday, June 24th at 9:00 am.
  • All other scholars, faculty, leaders and First Career participants will begin on Monday, June 24th at noon.

Please follow the outlined steps below to begin your PDC registration:

  1. If you are flying, please contact HTI’s travel agent, Sue Flaherty, at Graycar Travel 609-587-0306 or 1-800-755-5514. If you are not at Dissertation Writing Stage and cannot get a flight that arrives to Newark International Airport at least three hours before the beginning of the conference, please ask Sue to arrange for a flight the day before.  To make the process quicker, you can e-mail Sue at sue@graycartravel.com with suggestions for your flights, the name on the ticket, date of birth, and any pertinent information.  Please bear in mind that HTI would appreciate you finding the lowest fare with the fastest route to Newark International Airport.  Once Sue confirms your flight, she will contact the HTI office to garner our approval and issue your ticket.
  2. Once your ticket is issued for air or train travel, please complete the registration form using one of the links below.
  3. For individuals who are driving please complete the registration form immediately.

On this site you will find logistical information with respect to ground transportation, check-in, housing, schedule, and other events.  Please familiarize yourself with this information as well as the HTI Expense Guidelines.  Do not hesitate to contact us at hti@ptsem.edu if you have any questions.

Everyone’s departure will be on Thursday June 27, via shuttle to Newark International Airport at 12:30pm. Please make sure to schedule your departing flight from Newark after 3:00 pm. If you are unable to fly back on Thursday due to your destination, HTI will pay for one-night lodging so that you can schedule your departure for Friday morning.

Scholars in First Year, Second Year, Comprehensive Exams, and Proposal and Research stages.

Faculty, Speakers, Mentors, and Editors.

Participants in the HTI/Lilly First Career Program.

Scholars in the Dissertation writing stage.

Special Events

Book Prize Lecture

The 2019 Book Prize Lecture will be held in Princeton, NJ on June 25, 2019. Read more about 2019 Book Prize Winner, Dr. Patrick B. Reyes and Nobody Cries When We Die: God, Community, and Surviving to Adulthood in the current issue of the HTI Journeys Newsletter. PDC participants attend a banquet at the Iain R. Torrance Atrium prior to the lecture.

PDC Picnic

Every summer, HTI Professional Development Conference participants get together to enjoy delicious Latin American food and to network in a casual environment. This event takes place at Erdman Center. Join us June 26 for the PDC Picnic Dinner!

Journeys is HTI’s online quarterly newsletter whereby you will see HTI’s member schools’ shared commitment to advancing the recruitment, retention, and graduation of Latinx PhD students in the larger landscape of theological and religious education, and hear about the contributions HTI graduates and current HTI scholars are making in the academy, the church, and the world.

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