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Leticia A. Guardiola-Saenz

Leticia A. Guardiola-Saenz

Associate Professor of Christian Scriptures Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry

Field of Study: Biblical Studies

Leticia is associate professor of Christian Scriptures at Seattle University. Previously she taught at Drew University and Andover Newton Theological School. She is originally from Reynosa, México, where she grew up within the Baptist church. In the USA Leticia has served/worked with and taught Bible at different theological schools, organizations and churches affiliated with the Methodists, Lutherans, American Baptists, Catholics, Presbyterians, and Episcopalians among others. Her interest and love for the Sacred Scriptures began when she was 9 years old and ever since she hasn’t stopped finding meaning and direction in the Bible in the midst of an ever changing world. Some of the topics of her academic interest and research in the Bible are: the contextual Reading of the Gospels, contemporary hermeneutics, diverse cultural interpretations of Jesus (Latine perspectives in particular), biblical theologies, New Testament Spirituality and, in general, diverse feminists and decolonial readings of the Bible.