HTI Editorial

HTI Editorial Component

Congratulations HTI Scholar!  You are now All But Dissertation (ABD) and will be assigned an HTI editor.  In addition to the support of an editor, you will attend two Writer’s Weeks (Summer and Winter) where you will gather with colleagues and your assigned editor to continue working on the stylistic and syntactic development of your dissertation. Your assigned editor will work with you throughout the academic year.  Additionally, you will be eligible to apply for a $22,500 HTI/Lilly Dissertation Year Fellowship.


As a Dissertation HTI Scholar, you commit to:

  • Working full-time on your dissertation, while adhering to the stipulated timeline outlined in the Editorial Agreement with your editor.
  • Submitting a Monthly Dissertation Report due the last Friday of each month.
  • Maintaining regular communication with your editor to ensure momentum towards completing your dissertation.
  • Providing HTI and your editor with any changes in contact information.
  • Attending both Summer and Winter Writer’s Weeks.