Carina O. Prestes


BArch, Universidade Federal do Parana, Brazil / MA, Andrews University / PhD, Andrews University (Present)


Seventh-Day Adventist


Originally from southern Brazil, Carina has had an interest in buildings and constructions all her life. During her undergraduate studies, she was fascinated by the study of ancient civilizations and buildings, which led her into contact with archaeological studies—a great fit for her architectural background. She started her master’s in archaeology, followed by the doctoral program. During her PhD, she has participated in archaeological excavations of a Paleo-Christian site in Sicily, Italy. This exposition to the early Christian world through archaeology has raised in her the awareness of the gap in scholarship about women’s roles in early Christianity. This became her focus of interest and topic of dissertation. With this research, she plans to bring the archaeological perspective into the discussion, which has been largely ignored in the academic world.