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Awilda González

Awilda González

Professor of New Testament, Centro Educativo de Estudios Biblicos

Field of Study: Biblical Studies

Dr. Awilda González was born in Puerto Rico. She received her Doctor of Theology degree from Boston University School of Theology, with a major in New Testament and Pauline Letters. Dr. González has served as an Adjunct Associate Professor of N.T. at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Boston, Fuller Theological Seminary, California, and The General Theological Seminary, New York; and she has taught two courses through “Orlando Costas Hispanic Program” of Andover Newton Theological School, MA. González has a special interest in the letters of Paul and the relation of his writings to historical and social aspects, practices, and understandings of the Greco-Roman world. She is the author of the volume Filipenses, Colosenses, 1 and 2 Tesalonicenses, Filemón for the bible commentary series Conozca su Biblia (Augsburg Fortress, 2009). González is also the author of the book chapter “Biblical Equality in United States Latino Churches” for the book Global Voices on Biblical Equality (WIPF and Stock Publisher, 2009) and “Latino/Latina Criticism” in Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels, second edition (IVP Academic, 2013). González most recent publication is the book Does God Know? (2016), which was originally published in Spanish, Lo Que Dios No Sabía (2013). She resides in Texas with her husband Paul.