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Ángel Gallardo

Ángel Gallardo

Associate Director of Intern Programs, Perkin School of Theology at Southern Methodist University

Dr. Ángel J. Gallardo earned his PhD in 2018 from the Graduate Program in Religious Studies at Southern Methodist University. In 2019, Dr. Gallardo joined the faculty at Perkins School of Theology as the Associate Director of the Intern Program. His scholarship focuses on Christianity and Mesoamerican religions in the New World, race and religion in the Americas, and Bartolomé de Las Casas. Dr. Gallardo’s academic interests include liberation theologies, postcolonial/decolonial theory, borderlands and immigration, and Latinx studies.

In addition to serving on the Board of Visitors for Duke Divinity School, he also serves on the Executive Board for The Center for the Study of Latino/a Christianity and Religions. In 2020, Dr. Gallardo became Co-Chair of the Latino/a Religion, Culture, and Society Unit in AAR/SBL. Dr. Gallardo, his spouse Kendrea Tannis, and their daughter, Karoline Mercedes, are active members of St. Luke “Community” United Methodist Church in Dallas, TX.