Pastoral Study Project
Available to Leaders in Pastoral Leadership, Ordained, and Lay Positions.




Pastoral Study Project  – Available to leaders in pastoral leadership, ordained, and lay positions.


The Pastoral Study Project (PSP) awards pastoral leaders up to $15,000 to pursue a pressing question related to Christian life, faith, and ministry. Grants are available for study projects involving full or partial leave from job responsibilities.


The Pastoral Study Project program is open to Christian clergy, church staff members, chaplains, denominational staff, nuns/sisters/brothers, members of monastic communities, and others regularly employed in recognized positions of pastoral leadership, ordained and lay. It is also open to ordained ministers who are not currently employed by a religious organization. Seminary administrators and faculty members are not eligible for this grant program, nor are members of the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary Board, staff, or student body – including immediate family members (parents, spouse, or children). The PSP grant is open to pastoral leaders in the United States and Canada. Previous recipients of any Louisville Institute grants are eligible and encouraged to apply; however, all program and financial reports for any previous grants must be submitted by July 1st. Pastors enrolled in Ph.D. or Th.D. programs are ineligible for the PSP grant but may be eligible for a Theological Education Fellowship.


Up to $15,000


August 1, 2023