Claremont School of Theology

“Graduates are prepared to become agents of transformation and healing in churches, local communities, schools, non-profit institutions, and the world at large.”
Description of PhD Program
Doctoral study at Claremont School of Theology allows for students to study within the context of an institution which is uniquely United Methodist, ecumenical and interreligious. Our internationally recognized faculty offer students an education which is both deep in their own tradition and in dialogue with an interreligious community. Presently, CST is also developing a certificate in Latin American Studies, available to doctoral students in all programs through courses in Spanish and English. PhD concentrations offered: PhD in Practical Theology (Education and Formation or Spiritual Care and Counseling); PhD in Religion (Comparative Theologies & Philosophy, Hebrew Bible & Jewish Studies, New Testament & Christian Origins; Process Studies; Religion, Ethics & Society). Through cross-registration, students are also eligible to take course work at the following institutions: The Academy of Jewish Religion, California, Bayan Claremont, Claremont Graduate University, and the University of the West.
Tuition & Housing Costs

Doctoral Studies

Housing:  8,000.00
Tuition:     2,275.00
Pers:          2,500.00
Trans:        2,500.00
Book:            500.00
Fees:              375.00
Loan:             108.00

TOTAL:     16,258.00

Tuition Assistance

Students attending CST are eligible for a range of scholarships and Teaching/Research assistantships, as well as student loan programs.

Financial Aid-Fellowships

Claremont School of Theology assists students through Institutional Scholarships, federal work-study, access to external loans, and directing students to outside opportunities such as scholarships and grants. A limited number of Faculty Assistantships are available each year. Individual faculty members initiate appointments. Faculty members may give preference to students who are eligible for Federal Work-Study, but they are not to do so.

Blaisdell Fellowships

Fellowships provide support for new students who demonstrate both need and merit upon nomination from staff, faculty, and administrators.

Departmental Fellowships

Merit-based fellowships are awarded to students based on the recommendation of each academic department.

Hispanic/Latina/o Faculty
Ann Hidalgo
Adjunct Instructor, Acquisitions Librarian

Jose Morales
Adjunct Instructor

Roberto Sirvent
Adjunct Instructor

Neighboring Institutions or Programs

Through cross-registration, students are also eligible to take course work at the following institutions: The Academy of Jewish Religion, California, Bayan Claremont, Claremont Graduate University, and the University of the West.

The Claremont Colleges Services offers a range of support services to foster diversity at The Claremont Colleges and help students from underrepresented populations thrive academically, socially, and culturally, ensuring a rich, diverse experience for all students.

LatinX Graduate Student Union – Latinx grad organization

Yearly Events
The CST community hosts a wide variety of events and conferences for the campus and the community, including programs with a focus on Latin American history/religion. In addition, CST students have access to events sponsored through the Claremont Colleges.
Library Resources-Special Collections
The CST Library is a foremost religion library in the region, and the country. The collection supports research in a range of disciplines:

Ministry Collection: Print and media resources for the teaching, preaching, pastoral care, worship and urban ministries of the church, focusing especially on resources that are multicultural and intercultural, ethnically diverse, ecological and ecumenical, gender-inclusive, and interfaith.

Research Collection: An extensive research collection of resources for liturgy, homiletics, religious education, religion and the arts, pastoral care and counseling, and urban ministry. Provides students and visiting scholars with an historical collection, including oral histories, and a breadth of resources representing diversity in culture, gender, race, religious tradition, and regions of the world.

The Honnold/Mudd Library special resources section includes access to the Mexican Newspapers Collection: 1821–1927 and the General José María Maytorena Papers: 1910 Mexican Revolution.

HTI Scholars
Maria Elizabeth Feliberty

Ann Hidalgo
Acquisitions Librarian
Claremont School of Theology

Altagracia Pérez-Bullard
Canon for Congregational Vitality
The Episcopal Diocese of New York

Marlene Mayra Ferreras 

Rafael Reyes III


Contact Information

The HTI person to contact for information on PhD studies at Claremont School of Theology is:

Name:     Rev. Dr. Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook
Title:        Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty
Phone:    (909) 447-2520

Person in Charge of Enrollment:

Name:     Ms. Heather Hawkins
Title:        Director of Admissions and Enrollment Services
Phone:     (503) 480-2317