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Aizaiah Yong

Aizaiah Yong

Interim Associate Dean of Students and Assistant Professor of Spirituality, Claremont School of Theology

Field of Study: Practical Theology 

Rev. Aizaiah G. Yong, PhD (he/him) is an ordained pentecostal Christian minister and has served in religious and higher education leadership for over a decade devoting his energy to healing and advocacy work that centers QTBIPOC communities. He is a distinguished international speaker and his background includes keynote and plenary presentations, guest sermons for congregational and regional ministries, psychospiritual private and community-based practice, non-profit consulting, faculty teaching experience, and seminary administrative leadership. His recent award-winning book, Multi/racial Cosmotheadrism: Race and Mysticism After Raimon Panikkar (Orbis Books), critically explores how multiracial people transform efforts towards racial and planetary justice. Shaped by growing up in a multiracial and immigrant family, he is committed to work that brings clarity and compassion to the center of social change efforts. Additional research interests he has include: practical theology, mysticism and spirituality, critical mixed race studies, pastoral theology, internal family systems, spiritual care and chaplaincy studies, as well as contemplative leadership. Aizaiah loves being a lifelong partner to his spouse of nearly 11 years and considers being a parent to his four children one of the highest honors of his life. He also enjoys meeting diverse people, engaging and embracing intercultural community, facilitating spiritual retreats, and is a sought out scholar-practitioner on issues at the intersection of spirituality, social transformation, and multi/racial experience(s). Aizaiah believes that healing is a collective work that is received when we relate to ourselves, one another, and the world from authenticity, curiosity, and perseverance.