HTI Mentoring

HTI Mentoring Component

All HTI Scholars in their First, Second, and Comprehensive Exam Years are assigned a senior scholar as a mentor (for a period of up to three years) to aid you in navigating your doctoral program, expand your networking capacity, and graduate within an average time of five years.  You and your assigned mentor will attend the HTI Mentoring Training during the HTI Summer Workshop to understand HTI’s En Conjunto Mentoring model.  Each year, your assigned mentor will visit you at your institution and meet with your advisor and/or faculty to work collaboratively at being responsive to your particular needs and interests.  At the end of your visit, both you and your mentor will submit a mentor visitation form.  Additionally, you will have monthly check-ins with your mentor and in November and March you will be asked to submit progress reports.  At the end of the academic year, HTI will request a confidential mentor evaluation form and your unofficial transcripts for the academic year.   These gatherings, visits, and reports are all ways in which your institution and HTI support your PhD studies to ensure that your journey is enriching and edifying.  We are delighted to count you as an HTI Scholar.

Mentee’s Requirements

  • Sign the HTI Mentoring Agreement Form
  • Meet your assigned Mentor once during the academic year
  • Introduce Mentor to Advisor, dean/director of PhD studies, and/or key faculty at school
  • Submit to HTI a Mentee’s Visitation Report within two weeks after the mentor’s visit
  • Complete the HTI Confidential Mentor Evaluation Form in April
  • Inform HTI of any concerns early on in the process
  • Work towards a teaching experience and the publication of an article
  • For Comprehensive Exams-year HTI Scholar, make progress with exams
  • Submit HTI Biannual Report in November and March
  • Submit to HTI unofficial transcripts at the end of the academic year