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Description of PhD Program


The Doctor of Philosophy in Religion provides an opportunity for qualified students to do graduate work in this discipline at the highest level and in the university setting. It provides preparation for research and teaching in graduate theological education and in the college and university setting where religion is taught as one of the liberal arts and in relation to other such disciplines, particularly the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. The Baylor program offers work in four areas: New Testament, Old Testament, Historical Studies, and Theological Studies (Historical Theology, Systematic Theology, Christian Ethics, Contemporary Theology, Religion and Literature).

Tuition & Housing Costs

The Graduate Program in Religion anticipates that successful applicants to the PhD program will receive a graduate assistantship. For students entering in the Fall of 2017 the base annual stipend is $19,000 per year for up to five years, plus tuition remission. The Dean of the Graduate School may also contribute up to $8,000 per year, for up to five years to the stipend total. The tuition scholarship for a full-time PhD student in 2017-2018 provides over $41,000.00 for coursework, which includes all normal tuition costs, though the university does charge student fees that are not covered as part of this tuition grant. The work of Graduate Assistants supports the teaching task as well as the significant research of faculty.

Financial Aid Fellowships

The Graduate School is eager to support students as they contribute original research in Old Testament, New Testament, Historical Studies, and Theological Studies.  The Graduate School offers two kinds of travel support – Travel to Professional Meetings and Travel to Support Doctoral Research.

Travel to Professional Meetings

Eligibility: The applicant must be formally registered for at least one credit hour at Baylor University during the semester when the presentation is made. Summer request can be based on fall registration. This program is designed to support presentation of findings of graduate-student research, artistic performance, etc. The program is not intended to support recruitment activities, attendance at meetings without presentation of scholarship, costs of publication, or costs of conducting research.

Award: Two awards of $400 are available each year (June 1-May 31 of the following calendar year). Any one award may not exceed $400. However, students may request less than $400, thereby possibly allowing support for more than two meetings in a year. The award is paid by check directly to the graduate student.

Travel to Support Doctoral Research

Eligibility: The applicant must be formally registered for at least one credit hour at Baylor University during the semester of travel. Summer request can be based on fall registration. The student’s dissertation proposal must be formally approved by the program at the time of application.

Award: The Graduate School will match funds with the student’s department, up to $400. A doctoral student is eligible for one such award during her/his studies at Baylor University.

Hispanic Centers & Programs

Hispanic Student Association

The Hispanic Student Association at Baylor University was founded in 1987, and 30 years later is an important part of the University’s Hispanic community – and the multicultural community as a whole. H.S.A. hosts events throughout the year to both unite the community and spread knowledge and awareness of Hispanic culture.

Library Resources

The Baylor University library offers an extensive collection of bound volumes, periodicals, and electronic resources.

Other Resources

With the mentoring of faculty active in cutting-edge research and teaching, doctoral students are encouraged to publish their work and present it at academic conferences.

HTI Scholars


João Chaves

Yvette García


Contact Information


The HTI person to contact for information on PhD studies at Baylor University is:

Name:     James D. Nogalski
Title:        Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Religion
Phone:    254 710-1592