HTI Alumni

Jorge Luis Valdés

Jorge Luis Valdés

Independent Scholar

Field of Study: Biblical Studies

Told he would never be anything but a twice-convicted drug dealer, Dr. Jorge Valdes, walked out of prison in 1995 and moved to Wheaton, Illinois where he earned a Master’s degree from Wheaton College and became an adjunct professor in the Bible department. After Wheaton College, Dr. Valdes earned a Ph.D. in New Testament Studies, from Loyola University in Chicago, where he was awarded the prestigious Hispanic Theological Initiative Scholarship. In 1997 Dr. Valdes married the love of his life, Sujey Valdes. In 1999, Dr. Valdes wrote his first book Coming Clean, published by Random House/Waterbrook Press.

Today, Dr. Valdes is an author, blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, and renowned national and international speaker, who brings a fresh message of hope, forgiveness, and the power to change. Dr. Valdes has been featured in numerous magazine cover stories and has appeared on many national and international television and radio programs. He has spoken in front of Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Pentagon Flag Officers. He has also been the keynote speaker for the Youth National Day of Prayer, Memorial of Columbine, and numerous national events.