Stephanie Valeska Lopez Griswold


BA, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee / MA, San Diego State University / PhD, Claremont Graduate University (Present)


Roman Catholic


Stephanie is a historian of religion, pursuing an “interfield” PhD. She has spent her first two years at CGU as a research assistant and president of the Mormon Studies Student Association. Being a first-generation college graduate of Mexican and Nicaraguan descent, Stephanie plans to move her work on new religious movements in America (United States) to Latin America and focus on Latin American engagement with new or alternative religions. Her previous research has focused on Fundamentalist Mormonism in the southwestern United States which has led her to find instances of Fundamentalist Mormonism in Mexico that do not focus on white Mormon colonies but rather indigenous and mestizo communities. Aside from her scholarly work in history and religion, Stephanie also works in archives and museums. She hopes to continue doing preservation and public-facing work as she progresses in her career.