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Ruben Munoz-Larrondo

Ruben Munoz-Larrondo

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Director of Iniciativa Ministerial Hispana, Andrews University

Field of Study: Biblical Studies

Born, raised and educated as Electrical Engineer in Chile, Ruben Munoz-Larrondo migrated to the USA at 27 to study Theology. He completed BA Theology courses, MA ThStudies, MDiv and Ph.D. (Vanderbilt University) under Prof.Dr. Fernando F. Segovia. He specializes in NT-Luke-Acts using Ideological Criticism – and postcoloniality. Biblical Hermeneutics is his passion. He also pastored for 10 years and is an ordained minister in the SDA-Adventist Church. Munoz-Larrondo has been working for 15 years as Theology Teacher and is now tenured at Andrews University.