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Description of PhD Program

The Center for Advanced Theological Studies (CATS) seeks to prepare women and men for contributing to the global church in a variety of leadership roles, especially as educators, researchers, and other teachers and agents of the church and its mission. CATS programs promote graduate work at advanced levels of scholarship, research, and reflection. This takes place in a diverse community of scholars committed to such study within the context of an ecclesially informed evangelical faith aimed at serving the varied and worldwide body of Christ.

The Center offers programs leading to the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (Ph.D.) and Master of Theology (Th.M.). These programs are offered in the following concentrations: Old Testament, New Testament, Church History, Historical Theology, Theology, Christian Ethics, Practical Theology, Theology and Culture, and Worship and Preaching.


The Center for Missiological Research (CMR) within the School of Mission and Theology draws a community of scholars from around the world to address seminal missiological issues. It supports research and equips students at the highest level for faithful leadership in missiological education and practice. CMR manages the annual Missiology Lectures and organizes colloquia and other events for the research community. Below, find highlighted some of the ongoing programs and the scholarship of School of Mission and Theology faculty, CMR students, and CMR and GRI alumni, with links to more.

PhD ICS students engage in missiologically-oriented research, drawing upon one or more of the following academic discipline areas: Anthropology, Children at Risk, Communication, International Development, Islamic Studies, Leadership, History of Christianity, Mission Theology, Missional Church/Church and Society, and Urban Mission.

Tuition & Housing Costs

Total Estimated Program Tuition: $47,560 $820 x 58 units

An updated list of per-unit cost and fees can be found at https://fuller.edu/Admissions/Tuition-and-Fees/.

As for housing, Fuller offers all-year-long apartments with separate and legally binding lease contracts instead of academic year-long dorms. Prospective students interested in housing may visit the housing website at www.fuller.edu/housing for more information about the type of units, and the online application. They can also call Housing Services at (626) 584-5445 or e-mail Fuller Housing Services at housing@fuller.edu.

Tuition Assistance

Fuller Theological Seminary offers new and returning students the ability to complete their Universal Scholarship Application that once filled provides a list of scholarships that student is eligible for. To access this application go to: https://fullerscholarships.communityforce.com/Funds/Search.aspx

Financial Aid-Fellowships
Latinx students at Fuller Theological Seminary are eligible for Institutional Grants that cover 40-50% of tuition in MA/MDiv programs. A series of Competitive Scholarships are also available for Doctoral Students:

  • Latinx Leadership Grant. Masters students only. Requirements are determined by the Center for the Study of Hispanic Church and Community.
  • Israel Rosales Hispanic Ministries Scholarship. Recipients of this scholarship must be of Hispanic descent and a returning student in the Hispanic Ministries Church Studies Department.  The student must also plan to work with Hispanic communities in the United States with preference given to those students who plan to remain in the greater Los Angeles area.
  • George Gay Memorial Grant. Recipient of this grant must be a U.S. citizen of Hispanic descent, who intends to minister to Hispanics through teaching.
  • Geoffrey W. Bromiley Church History Scholarship. Recipients must be a Ph.D. student in Church History, as well as demonstrate academic excellence.
  • Charles E. Carlson New Testament Scholarship. Recipients must be a Ph.D. student in New Testament Studies.
  • Everett Harrison Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to Ph.D. students in the New Testament Studies concentration.
  • Lewis Smedes Scholarship for Ph.D. Students in Christian Ethics.  Recipients must be a Ph.D. student in Christian Ethics, as well as demonstrate academic excellence.
  • Dilworth Graduate Scholar Award. Recipients must be international Ph.D. Students who plan to return to their home country for ministry, after graduation.
  • Esther and Harold Stassen Jubilee Scholarship.  Recipients must be international students from developing countries who plan to return to their country of origin to teach, after graduation.
  • The Lloyd Ogilvie Scholarship. Recipients must be PhD students in the area of Practical Theology and Preaching, who are exemplary biblical preachers, have significant pastoral and preaching experience, and profess outstanding potential as teachers and scholars in the area of preaching.

Latinx students are eligible to apply for any other scholarship offered by the Center for Advanced Theological Studies (CATS).  See CATS contact information below.

Hispanic/Latine Faculty at CATS and CMR

Dr. Oscar García-Johnson
Associate Dean for the Center for the Study of Hispanic Church and Community
Associate Professor of Theology and Latinx Studies  

Dr. Johnny Ramirez-Johnson
Professor of Anthropology and Latinx Studies

Dr. Alexia Salvatierra
Academic Dean for Centro Latino and Associate Professor of Mission and Global Transformation

Hispanic Centers and Programs/ Program Faculty

Since 1974, Center for the Study of Hispanic Church and Community (Centro Latino) has developed a contextual vision of ministry and theological scholarship for Latinx leadership with a firm foundation in Scripture, spiritual formation, and the practice of communal love and justice. Centro Latino seeks to engage with our complex and challenging world through critical thinking, vibrant faith, and faith-rooted community transformation. Centro Latino forms global leaders by offering a diverse cultural and theological approach that matches today’s post-Christian, postmodern, and postcolonial challenges.

Centro Latino Faculty

Dr. Kyong-Jin Lee
Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies

Dr. Oscar García-Johnson
Chief of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion & Associate Professor of Theology and Latino/a Studies

Dr. Johnny Ramírez-Johnson
Professor of Anthropology and Professor Del Centro Latino

Dr. Alexia Salvatierra
Academic Dean of Centro Latino and Community & Assistant Professor of Integral Mission and Global Transformation


Current Programs

  • MDiv, DMin, MATM in the School of Theology (Available in Spanish or English)
Library Resources-Special Collections
Fuller Theological Seminary provides Internet Access to more 15,000 Resources in Spanish. https://www.fuller.edu/academics/library.aspx
HTI Scholars

Mario Eduardo Alas Escalante

Sammy Alfaro

Moisés López

Esteban Gabriel Miranda

Martin Rodríguez

Karla Stevenson

René Velarde

Contact Information

The HTI person to contact for information on PhD studies at Fuller Theological Seminary is:

CATS (Center for Advanced Theological Studies)
Phone:    626-584-5239
Email:     cats@fuller.edu

CMR (Center for Missiological Research)
Phone:     626-584-5212
Email:     cmr@fuller.edu

Phone:   (626) 584-5400
Email:     admissions@fuller.edu