Dallas Theological Seminary

 “To glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide.”
Description of PhD Program

The doctoral programs at DTS prepare students for high level ministry in the academy, the church, and marketplace. DTS’s doctoral programs offer low residency options enabling students to earn their doctorate without moving to Dallas. The DMin and DEdMin can be completed entirely remotely. The EdD requires on-campus attendance for the short Orientation course, then the remaining courses have the remote option. For approved students in ministry, the PhD can be completed through video conferencing with a trip to the Dallas campus approximately once each term.

        Doctor of Philosophy

The PhD offers the highest level of academic studies for teaching in universities and seminaries

Doctor of Education

The EdD prepares people for administrative leadership in schools and higher education

Doctor of Educational Ministry

The DEdMin develops teachers and educators for biblical rationale and practical strategies

Doctor of Ministry

The DMin offers advanced training for pastors and leaders in biblical and theological oriented ministry

Application Dates:

PhD Application Deadline: January 1 for Fall, September 1 For Fall
EdD Application Deadlines: July 1 for Fall, November 1 for Spring, April 1 for Summer
DMin/DEdMin Deadlines: August 15 for Winter, February 15 for Summer

Tuition and Housing Costs

Every effort is made to keep student expenses as low as possible. Because of gifts from alumni and friends of the seminary, students pay only a portion of the real cost of their education.

Tuition Costs:

Tuition Assistance

The Dorothy J. Austin Fund
An endowment fund, established by the family in her honor, providing tuition assistance to a male student in the ThM (third or fourth year) or PhD program.

The Hesed Scholarship Fund
An endowment fund established to provide financial assistance for qualified ThM, DMin, or PhD students and students with an intention of serving in fulltime Christian ministry as a preacher, professor, or ministry leader. Scholarship funds are available for tuition, books, and living expenses.

The John C. and Edna B. Pentecost Scholarship Fund
A fund established by Albert E. Pentecost in loving memory of his parents to provide tuition assistance for ThM or PhD students who are anticipating fulltime ministry of the Word of God.

The For His NAME Scholarship Fund
A fund established by Mr. and Mrs. David Berberian Jr. to provide tuition assistance for international PhD students.

The Manke-Gretzinger Memorial Endowment Fund
An endowment fund established by Harold A. Gretzinger in loving memory of his godly grandparents, Karl and Amanda Manke, and his beloved parents, Alexander and Wanda Gretzinger, to provide tuition aid and other financial assistance to eligible PhD students in the Old Testament Department.

The Dr. J. Dwight Pentecost Scholarship for Excellence in Bible Exposition Fund
An endowment fund established by Gene Hong Yee and Jo An Yee in recognition of Dr. Pentecost’s lifelong devotion to the teaching ministry at Dallas Theological Seminary. This award will provide tuition assistance for PhD students, with preference given to those studying in the Department of Bible Exposition.

The Frank, Fern, and Doris Prince Endowment Fund
An endowment fund established in memory of her parents by Ms. Doris F. Prince, to provide annual grants for faculty development and scholarship awards for qualified PhD and international students.

The Van Broekhoven Memorial Scholarship Fund
A fund established by the Honorable and Mrs. Rollin Van Broekhoven to provide tuition assistance for international PhD students.

Mexican Student Scholarships
A separate scholarship fund is provided for Mexican students. The administration of this fund is in accord with the policy stated under the International Student Scholarships heading in the Admission, Academic Procedures, and Financial Information section of this catalog.

Hispanic/Latina/o Faculty

Michael A. Ortiz
Associate Professor World Missions & Intercultural Studies, Director of DTS en Español

Alexander Gonzales
Assistant Professor of Bible Exposition–Houston

Bernard Cueto
Adjunct Professor in Theological Studies

Hispanic Centers and Programs
DTS en Español offering Spanish Master’s Degrees and DMin

DTS Hispanic Society Student Organization

HTI Scholars

Nancy Frazier
2020–2021 Comprehensive Exams
2021–2022 Proposal and Research

Ramón Uribe
2016–2019 First-Year Doctoral
2019–2020 Second-Year Doctoral

Contact Information

The HTI person to contact for information on PhD studies at Dallas Theological Seminary is:

Name:     Dr. Jim Thames
Title:        Academic Dean
Phone:    214-887-5013
Email:     JThames@dts.edu