Cristian Antoni Piazzetta 

Credentials: BTh, Adventist University of Sao Paulo / MTS Harvard Divinity School / PhD Harvard University (present) 

Denomination: Seventh Day Adventist

Specific Field: Biblical Studies


Cristian was born and raised in the south of Brazil. He is an ordained minister in the Seventh-day Adventist tradition and focuses his studies on the New Testament and Early Christianity. His research interests include the literary production of early Jewish/Christian authors, particularly those who wrote ancient apocalypses. Cristian is interested in understanding how these ancient apocalyptic texts (canonical and noncanonical) advance important notions other than eschatological ones that profoundly shaped the beliefs, traditions, and practices of early Christians. In addition, he is interested in the uptake of ancient apocalyptic rhetoric, concepts, and imageries in modern political, social, and religious discourses, which often resort to apocalyptic motifs to support or condemn a series of modern issues; thus, deeply shaping our contemporary society.