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Juan Carlos Morales

Juan Carlos Morales

Adjunct Professor at Western Theological Seminary and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Pastor at Park Slope Christian Tabernacle, Brooklyn, NY


Dr. Juan Carlos Morales received his MPhil and PhD from Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York. He received his BS from Nyack College, Ma from Gordon-Cornwell Theological Seminary, his MAR from New Brunswick Theological Seminary.

Dr. Morales is an ordained minister, passionate about partnering with congregations to engage
local justice issues. He has taught sociological, historical, and theological tools of analysis at
Bible institutes, colleges, and seminaries throughout the United States. Juan Carlos was raised in federal housing projects and a Spanish Pentecostal church in Brooklyn by parents from Guatemala and Puerto Rico. The crack epidemic of the 80’s and the later gentrification of his community made clear to him the realities of the oppression and domination of marginalized communities by powerful institutions. The title of his dissertation is “The Secularization Thesis and US Latino Evangelica/as: the history and revisions of a theory and its implications for a community”.

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