Mónica Isabel Rey


BA, Virginia Commonwealth University / MA, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary /TM, Boston University School of Theology / PhD, Boston University Graduate Division of Religion (Present)




Mónica sees her role in the theological academy as committed to advancing biblical literacy. Her desire is to equip students and congregations to think about the impact of Scripture in all matters. Mónica also desires to help combat the complacency and ignorance on matters of gender, racial, and sexual injustice as religious institutions are often the places where these social inequalities are perpetuated. Mónica hopes to be able to speak to the generation of American-born Latinxs who live in a new hybrid in-between space. The exploding population of American-born Latinxs are experiencing existential questions of identity as they carve out their own spaces and ask: What does it mean for me to be Latinx?