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Mariana Alessandri

Mariana Alessandri

Associate Professor of Philosophy, The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley

Field(s) of Study: Theology, Religion, and Ethics

Mariana Alessandri is an associate professor of philosophy at UTRGV, where she teaches existentialism, Latin American philosophy, religious studies, and the history of philosophy. Mariana and her spouse live on the Mexico-US border with their two children. She is the co-founder of RGV PUEDE (Parents United for Excellent Dual Education) which advocates for and supports Dual-Language Education in Rio Grande Valley public schools. Mariana has published public philosophy in the New York Times, Times Higher Ed, Chronicle of Higher Ed, New Philosopher Magazine and Womankind. Her book, Night Vision: Seeing Ourselves through Dark Moods will be published by Princeton University Press in May 2023.

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