Mabio Coelho

Credentials: BTh, Adventist University of Sao Paulo / MBA, Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul  / MDiv, Andrews University / PhD, Andrews University (present)

Denomination: Seventh-Day Adventist

Specific Field: Missiology


Mabio is a pastor and Bible scholar who is passionate about making the Bible plain and simple for others. He believes this is the only way to neutralize long-held misunderstandings that contributed to totally defacing Christianity and hindering our ability to know and love God deeply. He has worked in multiple capacities and at different levels for his church—both in the United States and abroad. Mabio is currently completing a PhD in Theology of Mission while he pastors a two-church district in Michigan. Before enrolling at Andrews University, he was working for the world headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church as their Chief Information Security Officer, overseeing security, telecommunications, and cloud strategies. Mabio also worked as an urban ministries coordinator, pastor, and clinic/lifestyle center director at the Central Amazon Conference (Brazil) before moving to the General Conference.