Luis Alvarado

Credentials: BA, Columbia University / MA, University of Chicago Divinity School / PhD, University of Chicago (present)

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Specific Fields: Systematic and Philosophical Theology


Luis and his family are originally from Newark, New Jersey. His father’s family is Puerto Rican, and his mother’s family is Italian. Raised as a Roman Catholic, Luis’ home parish is a predominantly Latin American and Caribbean Hispanic community of recent immigrants to the United States, facing the dual challenges of urban poverty and adjusting to a new country. Their faith experience was essential to Luis’s spiritual and theological formation and has motivated his desire to pursue academic theological work. After completing his BA at Columbia University and taking courses in theology at Fordham University while working there full-time, Luis eventually pursued master’s and doctoral-level studies at the University of Chicago Divinity School. He hopes to explore both the historical and systematic explication of Catholic theology and its relationship to philosophy, particularly on issues related to the doctrine of God and God’s relationship to the natural world.