Isaac Borbon

Credentials: BA, Oklahoma Christian University / MA, Abilene Christian Graduate School of Theology / ThM, Vanderbilt Divinity School / PhD, Vanderbilt University (present)

Denomination: Church of Christ

Specific Field:  Biblical Studies


Isaac was born in California to Mexican-American parents, both of whose influence inspired him to go above and beyond and pursue a degree in higher education. Having a fascination with the Hebrew Bible and its interpreters, he felt compelled to articulate the profound ways in which ancient texts can have the ability to impact modern readers, especially with respect to theology and ethics. The Israelite narratives—especially the exilic and post-exilic stories— helped bring to light Isaac’s understanding of what it means to be Mexican, and the struggle that the rich heritage of his Mexican-immigrant ancestors experienced while they were on the move to new territories. At Oklahoma Christian, Isaac was the recipient of the Zondervan Award in Hebrew Excellence; while at Abilene Christian, he was awarded the Center for the Study of Ancient Religious Texts Scholarship. His research languages include Greek (koine), Hebrew (classical), Akkadian, and Ugaritic. His academic interests lie at the intersection of historical-critical scholarship and reception theory studies.