Leslie Garrote

Credentials: BA, Tulane University/ MA, The City College of New York/ M.Ed, Covenant College/ MATS, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary/ Ph.D., Baylor University (present)

Denomination: Episcopal

Specific Field: History


Born in St. Paul, Minnesota to a mother from South Carolina and a Cuban father, Leslie has lived in multi-cultural settings and has been drawn to cross-cultural living her entire life. After serving as a teacher and administrator in high-needs schools for fifteen years, Leslie began transitioning career paths by entering seminary in 2018. There, she developed a love and appreciation for Biblical Studies and exegesis but was most drawn to the history of Christianity, especially as it equips church leaders to help their congregations understand themselves and their social contexts. Leslie has spent many summer months in Cuba, including a semester studying at the University of Havana, where her cousins helped refine her Spanish and navigate the complexities of the island. Leslie currently studies the history of American Christianity with an emphasis on contemporary issues of race and gender.