Katherine Guerrero 

Credentials: BA, The University of Texas at Austin / MDiv, Duke University / PhD, Yale University (present)

Denomination: United Methodist 

Specific Field: Theology


At the age of fifteen, Katherine and her mother journeyed through the US-Mexican border to resettle in the United States. Her migrant and border crossing experiences inform her interest in the religious structures that sustain modern systems of legality and illegality; and the ways we might engage border crossings journeys as embodied acts that unsettle colonial racial structures and grant us new ways of seeing humanity, legality, and space. Katherine has worked closely with Latine congregations, local pastors, and community organizations in both Texas and North Carolina. She is a 2022 Fellow with the Louisville Institute and 2021 Graduate Fellow with Yale’s Center for Race Indigeneity and Transnational Migration (RITM).