Housing &
General Info


All Check-In will be at Erdman Center located diagonally across the campus at 20 Library Place, across from the side of Princeton Seminary’s Library. If you arrive late at night due to flight delays, use the security phone located directly inside the first door at Erdman Center, and tell the security guard that answers that you are a guest at the Seminary, so that he can allow you in and give you your room key.  Along with your key, you will be given a nametag that will have your meal tickets inside for you to use while at Princeton for meals at the campus cafeteria, as well as other information that will help you during your stay.  If your travel schedule or delays require that you have meals en route, we ask that you keep the itemized receipts and follow the Expense Guidelines to avoid misunderstandings when processing your reimbursement after the event.

Dress Code

The dress code is relaxed for most of the workshop.  There will be a special dinner followed by lecture, and we ask that you dress in business professional attire for the occasion for the group picture.  The weather is usually humid, in the 80 to 85-degree range.  We recommend that you check the weather forecast prior to your trip.

Erdman Center

All Faculty/Leaders and Dissertation Scholars (maybe) will be staying at Erdman Center

The guest rooms in the Erdman Center offer comfort and convenience. Lounge areas, located on the first and third floors, allow guests to gather in an informal setting for fellowship. The lounge on the third floor has a television, and is equipped with a coffee station, microwave and refrigerator for our guests’ convenience.  All rooms have a private bathroom.

Alexander Hall

All HTI Scholars will be staying at Alexander Hall

Alexander Hall has 79 rooms—8 one-room suites and 71 single rooms. All rooms are air-conditioned, carpeted, and come furnished with an XL twin bed, desk, chair, chest of drawers, mirror, and a bookcase. Alexander Hall features a lounge with sofas, tables and chairs, a TV, a kitchen, and laundry facilities. The building is equipped with an elevator.

The exterior doors are kept locked at all times. Your key card will unlock all exterior doors of Alexander Hall 24/7. To operate the lock, hold your card flat against the reader, wait to hear the beep and see the light change green. The door wills tay unlocked for approximately 8 seconds. Some residential readers use amg stripe, but operation is the same once you swipe your card.

Each room will be made up with sheets, blanket, pillow case, and towel. (There is no linen service). Coin operated washers and dryers are located in the basement of the building. Linens are to be left on the bed when the room is vacated. A charge of $50.00 will be assessed for any linens that are missing.

Floor Phones – for campus use only, as well as, dialing emergency 911, 800 numbers & credit card use:
Alexander Hall 1st floor: 609-430-2764
Alexander Hall 2nd floor: 609-430-2763

One bathroom per floor
Male: 1st and 4th Floors
Female: 2nd and 3rd Floors
The bathroom is dormitory communal style so please bring a robe and slippers.

Should you lock yourself out of a room, Princeton Seminary security can be contacted in the following ways:
Call 609-497-7777 from a regular phone
Use the blue light emergency phones located at the entrance of Mackay Campus center, side of Templeton Hall, or at 12 Library Place. This will connect you to our 24-hour security dispatch, who will contact the security offiver on duty at the time. Give your location and stay by the phone. Security will arrive to help. Please be patient should security not arrive immediately, since the officer may be involved with another matter/incident a the time.


  • Vacatime is 9AM on Thursday June 27. Take luggage to Dolores Clarke Lounge in Erdman Center
  • Leave linens in room
  • Leave keys and swipe cards on desk. A charge of $20.00 per key and per access card will be assessed for any missing keys and cards.

Alcohol Policy
Alcohol is not permitted in any common areaas, such as the lounges, hallways or any public area on PTS property. Responsible consumption of alcohol is permitted, provided you are of legal age, in your dormitory room.

Operating Air Conditioning 
The thermostats are rpogrammed to maintain a temperature of 72 degrees. If the room is too cold, you can raise the setting on the thermostat. Setting it below 72 degrees will not make the room colder, due to the energy management control.

Network Name: Alex-Wifi
Password: ptsalex2015

Phone Numbers
Security Dispatch: 609-497-7777
Suzette Aloyo: 609-688-2664
Angela Schoep: 609-252-1733