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Gilberto A. Ruiz

Gilberto A. Ruiz

Associate Professor of Theology, Saint Anselm College

Field of Study: Biblical Studies

Born and raised to Cuban parents in Miami, FL, Gilberto A. Ruiz studied theology as an undergraduate at Boston College and then pursued an MTS at Harvard Divinity School in scripture and interpretation, and a PhD in New Testament at Emory University. His research has two broad components. First, he studies the New Testament writings and other early Christian literature in light of Second Temple Judaism and life under the Roman Empire, focusing especially on the Gospel of John and how this gospel interacts with social, economic, religious, and political realities faced by Christians in the first and early second centuries. His second area of focus is biblical interpretation through analytical approaches that foreground the experiences, social concerns, and identities of readers today, especially from minoritized perspectives and Latino/a perspectives in particular.