HTI Alumni

Fellipe do Vale

Fellipe do Vale

Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Field of Study: Ethics and Systematic Theology

Since his undergraduate days, Fellipe has been cultivating a passion for helping Christians to see how their own theological tradition grants them ample resources for understanding the most perplexing issues of their day. In particular, he has given his attention to gender and his research is directed at providing a theological account of the concept considering debates surrounding what gets labeled as ‘essentialism’ and ‘constructionism.’ Additionally, Fellipe is of the mind that Christian theology is best done in consistency with the broader Christian tradition, so he aspires to put these questions of gender in conversation with St. Augustine of Hippo, perhaps the most influential theologian of the church. The outcome, Fellipe hopes, will be to provide an Augustinian account of gender.