Diana E. Rodríguez Click


BA, Johnson University Florida / MDiv, Emory University / PhD, Candler School of Theology, Emory University (Present)


The need for greater critical studies of marginalized Christian theological perspectives deeply informs Diana’s passion for theology. In particular, Puerto Rican women’s rich and underrepresented theological contributions inspire her doctoral research. Engaging scholarship on Latinx popular Catholicism, Latina theology, and Puerto Rican popular religion, Diana’s dissertation examines the theological significance of Puerto Rican women’s Marian devotional practices. Through research and teaching in higher theological education, Diana aims to cultivate vital understandings of the complex histories embedded within theologies, and to foster liberative communal reflection upon the meaning of indigenous theologizing. Of Puerto Rican-Irish-German descent, Diana maintains a notable desire for her work to serve the cross-generational well-being of Puerto Rican, Latinx, and mixed-race communities and families.