Christian Sánchez


BA, Southwestern Assemblies of God University / MPhil, The University of St. Andrews / PhD, Baylor University (Present)


Assemblies of God


Christian owes his faith and vocation to the Hispanic-Pentecostal movement that spread to San Benito, Nuevo León, Mexico which enthralled the Sánchez family. His first experiences with God occurred in the house church services practiced at his tia’s house while listening to both Scripture’s and his family’s testimonies about God. These experiences galvanized his interest to pursue his study of the exegesis and praxis of Christianity’s origins. At Baylor University, Christian is researching the logic of temple and ritual imagery used in the book of Revelation—namely how John’s discourse community understood the cultic realities taking place in the heavens as pivotal for the life of their communities and even explanatory for contemporary events. As an aspiring biblical scholar, he hopes to contribute to the academic conversation as well as promote eclectic readings of Scripture within faith communities.