Christian Sánchez

Credentials: BA, Southwestern Assemblies of God University / MPhil, The University of St. Andrews / PhD, Baylor University (Present)

Denomination: Assemblies of God

Specific Field: Biblical Studies


Christian’s interest in the Bible began when he was a kid sitting in the living room of his tía’s house while he listened to his family discuss God, life, and ancestors. These experiences sparked his interest in the study of the New Testament and Christian origins. Under Dr. Mikeal Parsons, he is currently writing a dissertation on tax collectors and soldiers in Luke and Acts. Treating these professions as agents and representatives of Roman imperial power, Christian argues that Luke portrays God infiltrating the Empire and turning its agents to serve the economy and security of God’s own kingdom. Hoping to teach at a university or seminary, Christian aims to bring Scripture, early Christianity, God, and our stories together for conversations that promote liberation, empowerment, and creativity in Christ.