Austin Mathew Cruz

Credentials: BA, University of St. Thomas (Houston) / MTS, University of Notre Dame / PhD, University of Notre Dame (Present)

Denomination: Roman Catholic

Specific Field: History


Austin is a native Texan of Mexican-American descent. Raised in a Houston suburb, it was only when he formally studied theology that he gained an appreciation for the Latine expressions of the Catholic faith in which he was formed. Austin’s research interests include the medieval genre of hagiography and the power of story in conversion and Christian discipleship. He is also interested in the historic development of the cult of the saints, and the process of canonization. A particular focus of Austin’s is the hagiography and the development of the cult of Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin and other saints of Colonial Spain. Austin has further interest in the spiritual practices and development of early modern Europe and the Americas. He hopes that examining and critiquing the hagiographical, catechetical, and spiritual sources of this period will help offer a greater and more nuanced understanding of the history of Christianity. Austin hopes to serve both the Church and academia by expanding access to theological education in underserved communities, especially Latine communities.