Amanda Rachel Bolaños

Credentials: BA, Boston College / MA, University of Notre Dame / MTS, Duke Divinity School / ThD, Duke Divinity School (present)

Denomination:  Roman Catholic

Specific Field: Christian Theological Ethics

Amanda was born in Palm Springs, California. Her father’s family is Guatemalan and her mother’s family is Italian- Canadian. She is Roman Catholic and is interested in researching the intersection between virtue theory and liberation theology, yearning to offer a real, pastoral, and critical perspective in looking at the systematic success and harm of religion in communities. She aspires to invite her colleagues to enter into conversations about the present effects of a diaspora space, to offer a critical perspective of euro-centered aestheticism, and to shed light on those who have complex, beautiful, and multifaceted identities. Amanda is the recipient of the George F. and Jean M. Bemis Award, given to a member of the senior class at Boston College for distinguished service to others.