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Alexandra Rosado-Román

Alexandra Rosado-Román

Assistant Professor in Gender Studies and Afro-Caribbean Decolonial Ethics at Pacific School of Religion

Field(s) of Study:  Religion, Social Ethics

Alexandra Rosado-Román is an esteemed Afro-Caribbean social ethicist whose research interests span the realms of Feminist Decolonial Theories, Diaspora Studies, and Spiritualities. As a scholar-activist, she is deeply committed to unraveling the intricate workings of colonial constructs—such as race, class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and citizenship—and their enduring impact on the lives of racialized women in Puerto Rico and the broader Caribbean region.

A profound concern for contemporary issues of power, oppression, and resistance drives Alexandra’s academic pursuits. She is particularly fascinated by the resilience of Afro-Caribbean feminists, queer activists, and leaders of organizations who provide vital anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anticolonial education. Her research delves into the violence of colonization in the present day and the innovative practices of resistance employed by these remarkable individuals to foster values of sovereignty, freedom, justice, and healing.

Alexandra’s academic journey commenced with an MA from the Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico, where she honed her theological insights. She later pursued her second MA at Drew Theological School, specializing in Women’s and Gender Studies, expanding her academic horizons. In 2021, Alexandra made a significant contribution to her field with a peer-reviewed article titled “The Pimp God and the Welfare Queens: An Economy of Desire in the Promiscuous Caribbean.” Her work is characterized by a commitment to challenging existing paradigms and fostering inclusive dialogue.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Alexandra finds joy and meaning in cultural expressions deeply rooted in her Afro-Caribbean heritage. She is an avid enthusiast of Bomba, an Afro-Indigenous Puerto Rican cultural rhythm, and is known to engage in spirited singing, drumming, and dancing to its beats. Additionally, she channels her creativity into poetry, as exemplified in her contribution “Afro-Puerto Rican Mantra” featured in Caustic Frolic Journal.

With a strong belief in the power of dialogue and collaboration, Alexandra has served as a board member of the Women’s Interreligious Dialogue Network in Puerto Rico, where she has actively fostered spaces for diverse communities and leaders to come together and engage in transformative learning experiences. Having traversed the educational landscape between Puerto Rico and various institutions, Alexandra now calls the Bay Area her home. Here, she is an integral part of a Bomba community dedicated to preserving and promoting Puerto Rican culture, a testament to her enduring commitment to heritage and community engagement.

Academic Credentials Ph.D. (ABD), Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, December 2023 (expected) Ethics and Society: Title: “Decolonial Betrayals: Afro-Caribbean Feminist Activism in Puerto Rico.” M.A., Drew Theological Seminary, Madison, NJ, and Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico. B.A in Arts in Communication at Universidad del Sagrado Corazon, San Juan Puerto Rico.