First Book Grant for Scholars of Color
Available to non-tenured faculty




First Book Grant for Scholars of Color  – Available to non-tenured faculty


 The First Book Grant for Scholars of Color (FBG) offers grants up to $40,000 to assist early career, non-tenured religion scholars of color to complete a major research project on an issue in North American Christianity related to the priorities of the Louisville Institute. Grant periods are typically one academic year in length.


Applicants must be members of a racial/ethnic minority group; recipients of an earned doctoral degree (normally the Ph.D., Th.D., or pontifical S.T.D.); a pre-tenured faculty member in a full-time, tenure-track position at an accredited institution of higher education (seminary, college, or university) in the United States or Canada; able to negotiate a full academic year free from teaching and committee responsibilities; and engaged in a scholarly research project leading to the publication of their first book—or second book, if required for tenure—focusing on some aspect of Christianity in North America.

If the institution does not award tenure, the school must provide some form of continuing, full-time employment, such as renewable term contracts. For purposes of this grant program, the term “racial/ethnic minority group” includes African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, and Pacific Islanders.  Contact Jessica Bowman for more information.


Up to $40,000


Application Deadline: January 15, 2024


Contact: Jessica Bowman