Annual Brochure

Nurturing and Cultivating Latinxs to Serve in a Changing Academy, Church, World

Hispanic Theological Initiative 2018-2019

Your Hispanic Theological Initiative brochure is published yearly and distributed in July.  It is a comprehensive publication that highlights current HTI Scholars, HTI Alumni, HTI consortium member schools, latest publications, the HTI En Conjunto model and so much more. The 2018-2019 brochure’s title is, Nurturing and Cultivating Latinxs to Serve in a Changing Academy, Church, and World, and it is now also available online for your perusal. Enjoy!


For centuries, humans have carved their names, dates, or initials into trees to mark special relationships and events, and have returned years later to revisit the tree and their memories. This year, HTI is revisiting its tree and more than twenty-two years of memories,  memories of the individuals and organizations who have created this nurturing scholarly environment for Latinx students.

From its inception, HTI established strong roots through the En Conjunto model, a collaborative way of fostering deep and long-lasting relationships with partners that include faculty, pastors, publishers, seminaries and universities, and foundations. After HTI received the 2010 Excelencia in Education’s Example of Excelencia award at the graduate level, for its “best practice“ model, several institutions across this nation wanted to know how they can achieve the same kind of success developed by HTI. View entire letter here!